Log Specialization Experiment

Hello all. Wasnt sure if this should be in the strongman category but Im not currently training for strongman, just to get bigger and stronger so I figured it may be appropriate here. If not just move it and accept my apologies.

So im week three into a bit of an experiment and thought I would get your thoughts and share my experiences so far. I have been following one of CT’s programs for a good while and decided it was time to do something a little different as kind of a break/refresher. After reading his article about doing a 4 week specialization program centered around one lift, in the articles example, the high pull I got curious.
So I decided to try the same concept but using log press. I settled on Log press for two reasons. First, I feel like it hits whole body for the most part pretty damn hard (obviously it doesnt hit EVERYTHING but close). Secondly, I just think they are so dam fun!

So I set about throwing together a simple program around this concept that I only intend to do for at most six weeks barring I dont burn something out before then or start feeling like an injury may be coming. Week three and so far so good.

Before I throw it up ill give my current stats.
6’3", cut down to 210 lbs (wife wanted me to lean up a little bit so im humoring her. Also the older I get the more realistic I can view myself. I wasnt quite as lean at 275 as I thought I was haha)
Havent really gone for PRs in around a year but the weights I actually used in previous program were as follows:
Bench 315
DL 455
Squat 385
Nothing to brag about on here by any means but Good enough for me to kick my own ass each day lol.

Ok now that that is out of the way here is the program I threw together intended for a maximum of six weeks.

Log press 10x10 at 120lbs
Zercher Carries 5x50 meters 95lbs (nothing in my entire lifting carrier has lit up my core like these. The burn!)

Log press 5x5 165lbs
Bench 2x5 255lbs
Bench 2x10 185lbs
Bent over rows 3x8 135lbs
Farmers walk (if I have any left in the tank) 125 each hand for a few 50 meter walks

Log press
As many singles or doubles as I can get through (usually around 15 to 20 sets) Varying weight, using this day to push it and see what I can get over head Sometimes lighten up or load it up from set to set. Kind of just go with the feel of what I can do. First week I topped out at 210lbs but jumped to 235 by the very next friday. Pretty stoked about the jump but could very possibly be just getting better at technique.
Rack pulls: 5x3 515lbs
Machine curls:3xfailure

Thats it for the lifting portion of the week. Simple on paper but getting pretty fried (in a good way so far).

In accessory to that I swim sprint laps every tues, thurs, sat mornings and hill sprints those evenings. Keep these sessions very short. Half hour for swimming and 10 to 15 minutes for hill sprints (first time ive been good about cardio in a while so im really noticing a change in body comp since I started that side of things.)
Also a side note, I know there are many varying views on the benefits of swimming but man I swear nothing helps me loosen up and reduce soreness like swimming.

So yeah, this is my experiment. So far I already see a major flaw with it that im not really sure if it is fixable. Quite a bit more pressing than pulling. Kinda feeling that in my shoulders. But I started it, ill concieved as it may be, im kinda determined to finish it out if I can. Even if i never attempt something like this again I figured why not try.
Im curious to see what I can max out on Log at the end of it.
If anyone cares I can keep this updated with progress and such.
It is a bit refreshing just going all out on one lift all week.
Anyways, wouldnt mind hearing some thoughts or maybe someone has experience with the 4-6 week specialization concept.
Or flame it out. Who knows on here haha.
As always gentleman and ladies, always appreciate all the great stuff I read on here. Have a great day everyone!

that’s a lot of work. If you can handle it, it should be tremendously productive. I doubt I could do this.

Throw in pull ups. Sets of 10 if you can do them. Do 5 sets of 10 pull ups at the end of each lifting session (or whatever you can do… even 4 sets of 8 would be plenty. just some work). Problem solved.

Cool. Glad you replied man. Always enjoy your posts on here.
It’s a lot but I’m getting through it so far. Shoulders are a bit fried but not to the point of throwing in the towel yet so we’ll see how long I can last haha.
Pull ups are a good idea. Wish I would have thought of that haha. I’ll add them today.
Thanks for the tip sir.

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Quick update on last Fridays lift (third Friday into program)
Hit two new PRs. 245lbs log press for one and 560lbs rack pull for 5. Im not sure if my numbers are climbing so quickly because ive never done a specialization program before or if it is that im simply getting better at the form from doing so many reps of the same lift but ill take it!
Im sure to stall out at some point but so far not yet.
Was pretty dam sore all weekend and it didnt help that I spent all day Saturday doing a ton of yard work digging three 5x5x4ft holes in Colorado clay. But im surviving.
Update after friday.