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Log—Slater Wood vs Rogue Powder Coat

I’m hoping to purchase a competition log in preparation for my first strongman.

I’m considering either the rogue lb-3 or the Slater log. Prices are pretty much the same, Slater will make a 12 inch bar as well. Both seem to have great customer service, as I have experience with both.

Anyone have experience with both logs, and the benefits or downsides of either? I have some experience with a rogue 10 inch bar, but no experience with the wood bars and do need a 12 inch.

Just to help with the vernacular, it’s just a log. You wouldn’t say “barbell bar”.

I have used both slaters and Rogue in comp. Assuming 12", I would get a Rogue. Wood logs look really cool, but they can dry out and split. For training, I would stick with metal.

But the Rogue 10" log sucks, so don’t get that one. Only the 12.

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Also, it will be stored in a garage (no AC gym) if that matters for rust vs cracking/splitting.

Thanks for the heads-up—changed the thread.