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Log Pressing & Shoulder Impingement

Does anyone have any experience with shoulder impingement and log pressing(neutral grip). I am unable to press with a barbell due pain the next day and have stalled out on my strength with dumbbell pressing. I picked up a fat training log a few months ago itching to shove it over my head.

Only one way to find out… try it.

I had a impingement in my left shoulder for awhile and the log would always feel better than a barbell.

You could always give a trap bar a try. I have had serious shoulder issues and have to stay away (for the most part) from a lot of exercises. It may be a combination of things that are tearing your shoulders up.

Bad for impingments :

Overhead presses - especially barbell.
Upright rows - especially barbell. the worst for me.
Side raises
Front raises
Shrugs - especially barbell

Subsitute with :
Seated DB Clean
Face Pulls
General mobility - Inside out DVD is good but you can find the same thing for free on internet.

You could also do the following but not as safe as above:
DB Military
KB Military - Hold the KB upside down. Use one or two KBs.
Trap bar military
Upright rows with DBs or pulley handles - doesn’t feel any better for me.
Shrugs with DBs. Turn hands out and squeez shoulder blades together at the top.

I would just start doing less of the agrevating movements and add in ones that will help.