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Log - Press vs Jerk


What do you use for log...

For an IFSA log i can't seem to jerk, so i push press.

For smaller logs I find jerking it a piece of piss.


Does piece of piss mean it's easy or hard? I don't understand you're leprechaun language...


piece of piss means really easy.


Not to be rude, but why does it matter what other people do? Just do what allows you to move the most weight or the most reps.

What works for other people might not be what's best for you.


purely out of interest and to see if im a freak or if this is normal. lol

Im obviously not going to change my tech if someone else does it different.


You can't jerk a large log bc it is way out in front of your chest, small logs are in close like a bar so it's easier to press. This is normal for everyone.


Wu tang.