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Log Press Technique


I'm finally implementing some log pressing, so any critiques would be appreciated.

170lb x4,4,4,4
130lb x10

A question I also have:
- Should it be broken down into three movements? Row, clean, press/jerk? Or one fluid motion rolling it up the body and immediately into a press?


Personally, my log press technique leans more towards the three movement way you described. I row it into my lap, but try to make the transition from shoulders to overhead as quickly as I can, if the log is traveling upwards anyway, why stop it?


First off, nice job. I can tell you are trying to find what you like. Keep trying things and you will end up with something good.

I saw a couple things. If you are going to lap it, lap it hard and deep. When the weight gets heavy at the position you have it in will just pitch you forward. Push your head through faster. I could see how much faster your press went up when you got your head through quick.

I like to one motion the log when I'm doing it for reps or at lighter weights. When it gets heavier I will lap, clean, then jerk. Work both and see what feels comfy. Your clean looks pretty good, explosive. You are getting a lot of hip into the clean which will really help once you go up in weight.


Ah excellent. I made sure to really squat down deep with the log lapped today and it makes an incredible difference in pressing power.


When the weight is light and you are going for reps in a specific time frame, then try to clean and press the log in one motion to save time. Poundstone has some videos of himself doing this. When it's a max weight then break it down into the Row, Clean, and Jerk. Try to also tilt your head back when the log is on your chest. It will make it so you don't have to lean your body back as far, especially with a 12" log. Ovearll though it looked good.

Best of luck with your training!


With lighter weights you can just roll it up into a press. With max weight squat down deeper when you lap the log, clean it, then push press with as much leg speed as you can. Also, get your head through sooner. This will really help the press.

A log clean is more or less brute force because of the neutral non-rotating grip and the diameter of the log. I find heavy hammer curls help with the log clean.