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Log of the ol Teufel Hunden - 2017/2018 Transformation



Nice clean


Training from yesterday:

Check these out @biker


Those’ll sell. Just need some exposure.


Time for my monthly post…

I took the plunge and joined Soflete. You basically join a “team” and then follow a program within the team. For example, I’m probably going to run a strength cycle now and I think I’m going to do the “Voodoo” program.

There are 105 workouts in this program (6 days a week) and they cover pretty much everything including mobility.

The other cool thing about Soflete is they also have supplementary program for specific purposes. For example, there’s an entire mobility team with 20 minute mobility sessions (something I’m really looking to utilize), a nutrition team, weightlifting, competitive fitness, and even a shooting team. Basically, a lot of awesome stuff for veterans and fitness types alike.

Aside for that, I have been lifting. I hit a trap bar deadlift of 363x2 the other day, which I’m really happy about.


363 x 2. Benefits of rest.


Voodoo 1-1

Squats actually felt fantastic. I haven’t felt that strong squatting in years. Everything just clicked.


Knock on all the wood, I’ve been feeling great in the gym recently.


Some rowing last night for conditioning.

The program called for a lot more, but I don’t have two hours on Wednesday nights so I settled for a quick 15 minutes to at least do something.



Also, I played two double headers yesterday (softball) and I’m embarrassed to say how sore I am…



Haven’t posted much recently. I’m currently back trying to lose some fatty fat fats.




Hit a 264lbs squat last week

Was almost pinned by 231…

My main focus right now is fat loss and muscle/strength retention. My goal is to start the new year at 190.



Happy to report the first number on the scale this morning was a 1… First time under 200lbs since the end of the 2017 t-ransformation.


Congrats, chubs!


Thanks! Goal’s 180, which will probably still be a bit on the chubby side, but whatever…


I ordered a t shirt for veterans day. Appreciate your service, Marine.

Your gym gets better and better. If you post more often you’d probably get more orders.


Awesome, thanks! You’re going to like that tri-blend shirt. They’re the most comfortable shirts I’ve ever worn.

Trust me, I’m trying. We’re going through a tough time with extended family right now it’s taking a lot of my time and energy.