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Log of the ol Teufel Hunden - 2017/2018 Transformation



So the Crossfit thread and @JMaier31 log got me thinking about changing my training up pretty radically (seems radical to me, idk).

So, I created a new template I’m calling Beauty and the Beast (very original) or the Battle of the Bs (haven’t decided yet).

The general breakdown is like so:

For the longest time I’ve been stuck in this mentality of:
First Strenght Work
Then Hypotrophy
Then Conditioning

So, I’d do something like 5/3/1 (for example) or make my own template where I’d do the above workout 3-4 days a week. The problem I’ve noticed over the long-run is I would usually gas out mid hypotrophy work and just ignore the conditioning part or half-ass it. Hence the new approach.

I’ve started to put together my first 4-week cycle. This might still get tweaked a bit and I have to really look over it to make sure I’m hitting everything I want to hit/do everything I want to do. For example, I left out farmer’s walks, which is something I really want to implement so that’s a change I’ll likely make.

Here’s the template

I’m open to any thought/suggestions


That’s a pretty sweet looking template. Plan on changing the WOD each time through or cycle through those few?


I’m definitely going to change the WOD’s around. I figure I’ll start with a couple of the “girls”, but then use this WOD roulette app on my phone for some variety.


That looks much better than doing WODs every day of the week!


The gym has been christened.


It’s so pretty! It looked you checked yourself on the lockout of that first press to make sure you didn’t hit the ceiling.

I can’t do any standing overhead work at home.


Lol, ya, I had checked earlier to make sure I wouldn’t hit the ceiling, but it’s soooo close. I’ll probably be checking it for a while. I can always lower the platform I’m on, though. I’m standing on at least 3" of rubber on top of the rubber flooring.


Just don’t go full lock out, cuz time under tension = gainzzz…yeah, I’m a problem solver.


Yesterday was a shit show at my house. Managed to start lifting at about 9:15. It was quick and light. At least it was something.


Just checked your log after a few weeks and saw new gym photo on instagram. What is that thing that looks like a giant dumbbell in the foreground? If a dumbbell, what’s it weigh?


Ummm, not sure what exactly you’re referring to. I have a set to 60lbs dumbbells and then I have a set of the Bowflex select tech dumbbells up to I believe 95lbs. The gyms still a bit of a mess, but I should have updated pics and videos shortly.

Shit’s been going down in usmc’s house so I haven’t really been lifting and I go on a weeks vacation starting on Saturday. Back to the grind when I get back, though.


I did have these sexxxxy barn doors put in the other day:


Pretty sure that’s a GHR he’s talking about haha.


Oh, ha! Ya, I guess you can see it in the latest squat video.


Got it. Looked like a circus dumbbell at first.


Hey, I’m back! I’ve actually lifted weights this week. Look out…


  1. Front Squat 80kg 5 x 1
    Front Squat 70kg 1 x 3
  2. Power Clean 80kg x 1 x 1
    Power Clean 70kg x 4 x 1
    Power Clean 60kg x 1 x 3

Switched to Best Damn Worker for Naturals - will try my program at a later date.

  1. Swiss Bar Bench 80kg x 2 x 4, 80kg (rest pause) x 5, 3, 1
  2. DB Lat Raise 20lbs x 2x6, 1 x 6,8,10 drop set (20, 15, 10)
  3. Lying DB Tricep Extension 15lbs x 2 x 6, 1 x 6 mTor activiation


Those fine doors are in your gym. Amazing.


Ya, they’re awesome. We just had them put in.




Went through the motions last night, but at least got something done. I’m sitting at 207 this morning: