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Log of the ol Teufel Hunden - 2017/2018 Transformation



Some more fat boy pull-ups…

BB Rows 3x12 @60kg


@dchris eat it, mothafucka! Enjoy this fat hairy view…

HRC ain’t gettin shit from me!


The financial analyst is strong with this one. Instead of buying a bigger belt, take 6 months and a jar of vasaline to squeeze into it.

Congrats man.


I would never waste Vaseline. Have you seen the unit price!!!


Got a new YouTube channel. You can watch the entire boring ass session from this morning. The only thing not shown are the sprints.


Today’s sprinting & lifting vlogs:


Fyi, these are boring and I don’t edit them.


All this talk about 5/3/1 I think I’ll give another template from Forever a try beginning next week.


Are you thinking of doing just the basic? Or adding in some accessories? I’ve heard the basic isn’t good for strength or hypertrophy…not enough volume or load, or something? #neveraccessorize


I donno, man. I think 12 sets a week is enough for me.


I’ve actually never actually tried BBB so I might do that. I’m looking through Forever again now. I’ve got a few earmarked that I’d like to try.


Would highly recommend BBB, simple, high volume approach that I really enjoyed. I’m cutting a bit of volume at the moment, but will be back to that template as soon as possible.


I’ve been eyeballing 1,000% awesome for a while and I think that fit my current goals the best so I think I’ll try that for now. Forever BBB does look interesting, though.


Happy Memorial Day Marine. Appreciate your service.


Thanks biker, but don’t thank me. Thank the men and women that gave all today. We’re free because of them.


Started 1000% awesome because I hate hypertrophy…

Probably set my front squat tm too high. I’ll probably lower it a bit, but everything else went smooth.

  1. Front Squat 5’s Pro:
    65kg x 5
    75kg x 5
    85kg x 5
  2. NG Bench 5x5 @ 85%: 65kg
  3. Chin-ups 25-50: pyramid 1-4 x 2, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1
    4a) BW split squats x 3 x 10
    4b) Push-ups x 3 x 10


Partial Vlog for today:

  1. DS Bar Deadlift 5’s Pro
    95kg (should have been 90) x 5
    105kg x 5
    120kg x 5
  2. OHP 5x5 @ 50kg


Had a helper today:

Couple update shoots. My house is in disarray so pics are all over the place. Only recent wheels shot I have was at Khols, lol…

Official 2018 T-ransformation Announcement Thread

AM Sprints today
20 on 10 off
10 on 20 off
15 on 15 off
15 on 15 off
15 on 15 off
10 on 55 off

208 this morning.


I’m all over the place…

Monday I did day one of 1000% awesome. Decide I’m just not ready for that style of lifting again. So I swithced back to the Super Solder Protocol.

NG Bench 4x10 @ 50kg
DB OHP 2x15 @ 30lbs
Lat Raise 2x15 @ 10lbs
Rear Delt Fly 2x15 @ 10lbs
Tricep Push down w/ bands 2x15 @ 10lbs

Power Cleans 3x10 @ 50kg
NG Chin-ups 10, 8, 6, 6
DB Shrugs 2x15 @ 60lbs
DB Curls 2x15 @ 25lbs

Just got a set of pound pads and I was pleasantly surprised that they actually do what they’re supposed to do.