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Log of the ol Teufel Hunden - 2017/2018 Transformation




Hotel gym, Ryu, Dwayne Johnson eyebrow… missing something.


Do you plan on doing Grace and Cindy every week?



love the dragonball shirt


Lol, no. I’ll rotate the WODs. I’m gonna try one of those WOD generator apps.


Just picked it up, love that series.


have you seen this website? great stuff.


Ya, I’ve got a tank top and one of the saiyan armor shirts.


214 this morning.


*Was actually Monday 4/9 & Wednesday 4/11…


Quit mixing kg and lb damn it! I see ‘50x6x3’ and think dayum… he’s pushing 110lb dumbbells around.


It’s not my fault! The machine in the hotel gym was in kg’s (oddly enough) and I have kg plates at home!



30 minute ruck w/ 20lbs pack


It sounds so much cooler when you say it…


^Similarly, kilogram weights.



30-minute ruck w/ 20lbs pack. No AM lifting today.


Anothet day another ruck.


212 this morning.

No AM training. I couldn’t get my ass out of bed this morning. Kids & thunder & falling out of toddler beds don’t mix with sleep…


Managed a 30-minute ruck before the rain comes back.


30-minute Ruck

4/18 holy shit, lifted weights

I kept the weights light. Until I can order the pound pads I can’t really drop BBs at 5:30AM…


International Bench Day:

Spent all weekend tearing up ceramic tiles. That’s cardio, right?