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Log of the ol Teufel Hunden - 2017/2018 Transformation



Tuesday May 8th
Sprints Day 2 Week 1
Bench: 65kg x 3 x 8
BB Row 60kg x 3 x 12
Push-up/facepulls x 10, 8


I keep making friends on my daily ruck.


So close


Couple updates:
Front squats worked up to 80kg x 5

Tuesday: Bench (can’t remember the details)
Wed: Off
Thursday: BB Rows & OHP

Friday: Deadlifts & Pull-ups

Fucking lights in my garage are being stupid, but I’m moving the gym to the basement anyway. I’ve got 600 square feet of rubber just waiting to be laid…


Look at that mobility tho :ok_hand:


Gotta love the crotch angle…


I believe the kids call it the “thirst” angle hahaha


That’s how you get them insta followers!


Some more fat boy pull-ups…

BB Rows 3x12 @60kg


@dchris eat it, mothafucka! Enjoy this fat hairy view…

HRC ain’t gettin shit from me!


The financial analyst is strong with this one. Instead of buying a bigger belt, take 6 months and a jar of vasaline to squeeze into it.

Congrats man.


I would never waste Vaseline. Have you seen the unit price!!!


Got a new YouTube channel. You can watch the entire boring ass session from this morning. The only thing not shown are the sprints.


Today’s sprinting & lifting vlogs:


Fyi, these are boring and I don’t edit them.


All this talk about 5/3/1 I think I’ll give another template from Forever a try beginning next week.


Are you thinking of doing just the basic? Or adding in some accessories? I’ve heard the basic isn’t good for strength or hypertrophy…not enough volume or load, or something? #neveraccessorize


I donno, man. I think 12 sets a week is enough for me.


I’ve actually never actually tried BBB so I might do that. I’m looking through Forever again now. I’ve got a few earmarked that I’d like to try.


Would highly recommend BBB, simple, high volume approach that I really enjoyed. I’m cutting a bit of volume at the moment, but will be back to that template as soon as possible.