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Log of the ol Teufel Hunden - 2017/2018 Transformation





Ah…perfumier…it was so obvious!


There’s not much up yet. I’m starting a business with a few friends and I think some of you guys will like a few of the designs.


I don’t want to give too much away just yet, but here’s a sample


Lol, wow. I was scanning through 5/3/1 forever and realized by DB squats Jim meant Goblet Squats… Been doing lord knows what for the last 5 weeks…

06/06/2017: Part I Cycle II Day 2: Squat +5kg on assistance
06/08/2017: Part I Cycle II Day 3: Bench 2 extra reps per set on assistance (actually did goblet squats…)


06/09/2017: Part I Cycle II Day 4: Deadlift

hit 197 today and starting to lean up a bit.


Great job, you look significantly leaner.


Thanks! I’m shooting for 185. I think that’ll put me in the low teens bf wise, which I’m good with.

*Maybe 180 for low teens


12-17lbs should be doable before the end of the year. That’d be a hell of a one year transformation.


That’s the goal. The hardest part will be when kid #2 arrives in August…


Not sure where I left off. I wasn’t able to do anything last week (long week, lol) so I started 3’s week of Part I Cycle II this week.

6/19 - OHP
6/20 - Squat




6/22 - Bench
6/23 - Deadlift

I had to go on a business trip earlier this week so today will be day one of the 1’s week. I’m going to skip OHP and squat instead since the phase of Krypteia drops the press (I believe, I’ll have to re-check).


Gettin my dips on with my boy Ulysses S. Granite!


6/28 - Krypteia Squat

Also, check out our newest design! I think a lot of you guys will love it!

If you happen to check out the website, please leave us your email address. As soon as we officially launch you’ll be the first to know!

@Aragorn this might be right up your ally, man. I know how much you love history!


Dude, that is awesome!! Teddy is my boy, no matter how many mistakes he made as a politician. Talk about an interesting life story. I didn’t know you guys were launching a site–very cool.


Ya, man. It’s gonna be a lot of similar stuff to that.


6/29 - Kypteia Bench
6/30 - Krypteia Deadlift


Man, the third phase of Krypteia can eat a dick…


You got to go all Pam Poovey on that!!!