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Log of the ol Teufel Hunden - 2017/2018 Transformation



I thought I’d go ahead and set my transformation log up.

My goal is to drop from 217 to 195 during this log. That’s only one pound per week and I expect to perform much better than that because of how fat I have gotten and how long this transformation challenge is.

I will update this every Monday:

Beginning Pics:

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Sounds like a good plan, dude.

Let’s see it happen.


I’m also keeping a food log. The macros aren’t 100% accurate. I’m going off package details and I’m not measuring, at least for now. It’s more for a general idea of where I’m at and if I’m not seeing the results I want then I’ll start measuring and what not.


Team 217 to 195, let’s do this man!


MyFitnessPal is way easier.


I use google sheets myself…for pretty much every thing.

Excel sheet would work too.

Also IN (for the Challenge too)!!! Maybe one of us will finally get to 195 :smiley:


Ya, I’ve got a google sheet setup for it. I just find it easier to keep my notebook close by. I don’t like using my phone for that kind of stuff.

I might try MyFitnessPal.


AM: 30 minute Walk = 2 Miles
PM 10/10 Interval on AirDyne

08:00 Protein Shake (1 servings) + Fish Oil (.5 serving)
09:15 Eggs over easy (4) and Ezekiel bread
10:15 Flounder, Rice, & Asparagus
11:00 Gatorade, BCAAs, and Creatine
13:00 Surge Recovery (.5 serving)
17:15 Greek Yogurt
21:00 Ham and a Baked Potato
23:00: Christmas cookies…


HAHA! I’m 7 pounds ahead. Good luck catching up! :runner:

I’ll be following. Good luck for real. I like the setup other than the tracking of macros. I loath tracking food and I don’t even try anymore because I will not stick to it. I’d also recommend weighing yourself more than once a week so you can keep an eye on trends and not throw off your plan because of a single outlier.


Is 195 the magic weight? Because that’s my goal for this year too.


Good luck man, you are thick dude! Really looking forward to seeing you dialed in! Will be following along.


195 is my, “If you can’t do this you should just quit now,” goal. I’m shooting for 185 by June and even lower by year end…

lol, more than that based on some of your other pics!



I’m with you, man. I don’t like it at all.

Good advice!


The alternative to writing down and tracking everything is to eat the same thing every day. It’s what I do as I get leaner and need to be more exact. Just eat the same stuff at the same time. Then you can just make adjustments as needed. You are after precise control of macros and the ability to make small adjustments and it gets you those things without all the calculations.


I love the new avatar. Haha

I might lower my goal weight from 200 to 195, just so I can feel special too.


Lol, ya, I thought it was appropriate for the duration of the challenge…

I actually do this for the most part. At least during the work week anyway. Dinners do change, though. The wife likes variety.


Bet the hardest part will be the food log. Good luck big guy.


I just want you know, that when I got to my mom’s and she had my favorite cake made, I had a piece for my birthday, and I ate one for you too! Just so you wouldn’t feel deprived. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Because I am just nice like that :wink:


Best of luck man. Don’t forget your max set of pull-ups before every meal…


AM: 30 min / 2 miles
PM: Row: 1500 meters

05:30 Protein Shake (2 servings) + Fish Oil (.5 serving)
07:15 Hard Boiled Eggs (4)
10:15 Flounder, Rice, & Asparagus
11:00 Gatorade, BCAAs, and Creatine
13:00 Surge Recovery (1 serving)
15:00 Flounder, Rice, & Asparagus
19:00 Grass Fed Steak, Broccoli, and a Biscuit