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Log of my Current Lifting/Nutrition

New to the forum. Been lifting on and off for basically 3 years. Just now starting to get serious with nutrition and how lifting for my goals. Currently I am trying to drop about ten lbs and see where I’m at. Would like to get stronger while I’m at it but understand that may not be possible. I’m very dedicated with lifting. Just not as much food wise. Using this log to keep track myself and adjust over time. I am 32 and plan on lifting for years to come.

Friday August 25. Deadlift. Trap bar. 155*×10 205 ×5 205×5 255× 5 255× 5 235× 6 235×6 205× 8. 1 arm db row 80lbs ×5 for four sets. Last set drop set to 55 lbs and got about ten more reps each arm. Wide neutral pull ups. Bw for 7 reps for two sets then 5 reps for two more sets. Shrugs with trap bar 195 for 12 reps (3 sets). Farmer walks two sets with 80 lb dumbbells. Today’s meals were eggs and bacon plus oatmeal with peanut butter. Two pb jelly sandwich pre workout. Post work out protein shake dinner two tuna pouches with rice and broccoli then a cupcake from a girl I work with. Trying to only eat between 1030 am and 630 pm with 3 meals one shake…

If you read that somewhere, you should wipe it from your memory. It is absolutely possible. Go for it.

Saturday August 26 did lots of high rep face pulls during warm-ups and in between sets. 2 mins rest …
barbell bench press. 5 sets 5 reps 195 incline bb press 155 × 8 ss 30 lb db fly 10 reps 4 sets. Standing barbell press 95 × 5. 2 sets 100 × 5. 2 sets. Seated db press 40 lbs 3 sets of 15 last one drop set to 25 and got 8 more reps then repped out side lat. Raises with 7.5’s.
Did 3 sets of lateral raises with 15’s got around 15 reps. Then 20 reps with 10’s
ended with 3 sets of 10 rep goblet squat ss with body weight lunges. 10 reps each leg. 60 sec rest. Leg press ss push ups.
Legs are very week and trying to bring them up currently. Didn’t train them at all for a while and have just started getting consistent with them last 5 months. Trying to end most days with some leg focused sets.

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IN FOR SQUAT GAINZ!!! :smiley:

I think he meant in relation to dropping 10lbs but Serge is right, it can be done.

Especially in a situation of a long layoff or beginner situations.

Well Im not exactly a beginner but I have wasted a lot of time in the gym being somewhat clueless about things like progressive overload and the need to get stronger to get bigger. Spent many a workout chasing the pump and eating too much garbage trying to get bigger. I’m 5’5’’ and I’ve let myself turn into a chubby little manlet trying to get big. So I’m using this log to keep myself in check

This morning I jogged for thirty mins. Then did 3 sets of hanging leg raises superset with crunches. Ended with 100 straight body weight squats. With a few 20-30 second rests. Sunday is an off day from the gym but I did bring my 18 month old son for an hour long walk also. Will be posting initial pics soon then hopefully progress pics every 30 days

Monday got called into work early then had to work overtime so no action except the activity from daily life at my job.
Tuesday August 29
Front squats. Worked up to 5 reps with 100 lbs.
80 lbs for 5 reps then 6 and 7.
Romanian deads 100 lbs for 3 sets of 12 last 3 sets super set with back squats 20 reps. Same bar just flipped it around.( Which actually takes some effort)
Ran outside and finished with 3 sets of walking lunges. Did 20 ,15,15. Very weak in the legs. I actually bench more than I back squat currently because I’m trying to work on correcting my form. Just starting to get over lower back issues. Very grateful for that.


Breakfast / post workout : shake with milk,blackberries, oatmeal, Greek yogurt , peanut butter and scoop of protein powder.
Lunch : chicken with beans and enchilada sauce / cheese on 1 wrap. Gatorade protein bar for desert.
Dinner : chicken breast with broccoli. I am not counting calories or anything yet. Just tightening my diet up. I ate way too much the last 12 months in a misguided effort to put on size. My goal is to cut back down to around 150 then attempt to add mass again with better eating habits.

Had time at work and used a shower rod as pull up bar.
Did 8 sets 5- 7 reps per set never to failure.
Super set with push ups. 20 - 30 a set.
Also busted out my band for pull apart and face pulls. About 5 sets of each. Tomorrow will use as rest/ cardio day. Cuz on Thursday it’s deadlift time!!

Wednesday August 30.
30 min jog. Then did a few sets of dips/ pull ups
Band pull aparts /face pulls. 3 ×10 jumps. 4 sprints

Thursday August 31
3 × 6 wide neutral pull ups
Trap bar deadlift.
185× 6
225×5 (both sets felt quite heavy and really had to push for all 5 reps)
245 × 5 ( pushed hard, form broke down but got 5)
185 for 2 sets of 8
*Never rested longer than 2 mins between sets… was pressed for time

80lb dumbbell one arm row 3 sets of 6 last one dropped to 55,45.
Oatmeal+pb, protein shake
2 chicken breast white rice broccoli
Chili , rice extra ground beef

Came back to work and did 5 sets of supinated grip pull-ups. Got 12 one of the sets. However felt like deads felt so heavy because too many pull ups in days leading up to session. Back was still sore…

Friday September 1
Band pull aparts
Face pulls.
Bench press Worked up to 200 lbs for 2 sets of 5 , one set of 4. Two and a half min rests.
Rest paused another 8 reps in sets of 2 with 20 second rests.
Left shoulder started to really hurt for first time in months… After pec Dec… did neutral grip incline db presses with 60s but felt it in shoulder lots. So scrapped military presses and just did a bunch of side and bent over laterals. Going to do cardio later using lots of body weight squats/lunges. Been feeling pretty banged up overall last two days. Going to force myself to rest this weekend

Monday Sept4
20 min jog then 6 sprints. 4 sets of ten jumps super set with 7 neutral pull ups

Tuesday Sept 5
Worked up to 3 sets of 10 at 80 lbs front squat.
3 sets of 20 goblet squat with 55 lb. Crunches with ten lb weight 3 sets of 20
Hanging leg raises 2 ×10

Wednesday Sept 6
Barbell bench press
All super set with face pulls/ neutral pull ups(8 reps)
DB clean and press 40 lbs 3 sets of 5
Standing barbell press
Snatch grip deads 185 ×6 (2 sets)
Barbell rows 95×15 , 145 ×8
Seated Lateral raises + bent lateral raises. 3 supersets
Farmer walks 2 sets with 75 lbs DB
2 sets with 60 lbs DB
Back extension bw 4 sets × 20 1 set with 40 lbs
Roman chair 3× 15
30 lb hammer curl super set with dips 10 reps each
Face pulls ss with tricep pushdowns

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Thursday September 7
Cardio. 20 min jog.
1 min planks ,bird dogs( 15 sec) side
Hanging leg raises 3×10

Friday September 8
Front squat
100 for 3× 6
55 lb goblet squat 20,15(2 sec pause) 15(pause) drop set to 30lbs for 10 reps + 40 pull ups