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Log o' the Irish

Tuesday, June 12 - Boxing

Jump rope - 3 rounds
Shadowbox - 3 rounds
Heavy bag - 4 rounds
Shadowbox - 2 rounds
YTWL - 2 x 8 @ 2.5
Abs - 2 x 30
Shadowbox - 2 rounds

14 rounds.

Solid workout tonight. Shadowboxing went well, as did the heavy bag work. Last round on the bag was all 1-2’s, followed by about 20 1-2’s that I threw as hard as possible. One of the shadowboxing rounds was also non-stop 1-2’s, I’m really trying to get my endurance up as much as possible.

Did some ab work and shoulder blade work as well once I was done, and the last couple rounds of shadowboxing were a bit of a cool down…taking it easy and just trying to get my form right.

One of the things I was really concentrating on while doing the all-out rounds was maintaining my form no matter how tired I am, and I was trying as hard as possible to keep my chin from coming up, my right hand from coming down, and to get my hip turning into every left hand that I threw. When I get tired, I’ve noticed that it gets really easy to stop turning the back foot into the punch, and I end up just throwing a weak arm punch. Not that my punches at the end weren’t weak, because they were, but they’re weaker when I don’t turn into them obviously.