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Log: New Cycle and 2 Guinea Pigs


Hi to all,
i'm starting a new cycle with a friend.
The cycle is composed by:
TP 100mg E2D
Tren Ace 100mg E2D
Mast Prop 100mg E2D
T3 20mg/ED

and in my case GH (2UI/ED)

The cycle will run for 12weeks then PCT (GH will be run for about 60days)

I'm still "working" on the cycle details and diet.
But what i really would like to try is a different training method
I know training method are not the "keys" but I can't decide among 2 training ways which give me big results when "off":
Arthur Jones HIIT

Any suggestion, hints etc etc are welcome!


You should inject half those doses everyday to maintain more stable blood levels.

Also you may want to run 2ui GH every other day so you can run it through the entire cycle and PCT.


About daily IM... i'm wondering if it make (really) a difference.... usually i to ED IM with TP without any problem... and i can "rotate" (sp?) correctly among sites.
About HGH... due to its very short half life i think it is a better choise to do daily IM


Looks like a solid cycle and pretty much what i plan to run very soon myself, best of luck

As for training tips, you've gotta work out which one works best for your own body :confused:


GGlife, i'm quite a fucking lucky bastard.
As far as I can easyly (sp?) add fat to my frame, i can put on a lot of lean body mass also when "off".
Every kind of method i've tried works well with me, i love to change often (i'm quite of a "fire" trainee according to an old Poliquin's article) but i can get nice results.. i just have to stay away from carbo and put a lot of proteins in my stomach.

However i never used GH.. and i'm wondering if there are methods that best fits my future "new" enhanced ormonal levels...