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Log: My First T3 Cycle


Hi to all,
as i do in the past i'm happy to start a log here regarding my new (and first) T3 cycle.
It's a long time since my last "research cycle" (nice old times when i was a AAS enhanced guinea pig...).

Basically the final goal is to shreed fat (the sticky bastard whom grows with me for the last 20 years...) to a single digit percentage.

[Starting point]
170cm (5.57ft), 98kg@14%bf (i know, a bit higher to start with T3...)
Arms: 42cm (16.5")
Thight:60cm (23.6")
Waist: 94cm (37")
Cheat: 130 (~51")

I've always trained for strength/mass, in the last 2 years I have changed to a more BB (quality) style.

My current PR:
BP: 170kg 1RM
DL(sumo): 220 2RM
SQ(PL): 240 1RM

All raw and "off"

[Last Cycles]
My last heavy AAS cycle was of late 2009 (ended in Sept 2009)
In August 2010 I have completed a 5 weeks of light DBOL (used to recovery from an injury)

Fullbody 2/week plus added "isolation days" (a mix of resistance and strength training)
Basically due to "life issue" i can't strictly follow a rigid training plan, so i "have to" be a bit "creative" to take advantage of any free days.

One day/week i follow Krav Maga/Hashita class...

[Diet & Supplements]
I'm on a clean hypocaloric ketogenic/paleo diet. A bit "unconventional" but it works very good (i'm losing fat, gaining muscle and strength being "off")
I'm planning to add proteins to go to (bw x4gr)/day

I have 1 cheat meal/week (usually a clean cheat)

I'm using AAKG, Omega3, NAC and Creatine (other than whey off course)

The "experiment" will last for the next 6 weeks.
I plan to ramp up the T3 from 40/ED to 120/ED than ramp it back.

Week 1-6: T3

I know I should use an AAS to avoid muscle loss.
But i want to find out how T3 works for me.
So the 1st week i'll not use any AAS.

In my "magic box" i have DBOL, TE, Tren Ace, Masteron that I can put in if needed from the 2nd week.

My AAS plans (I'll during 2nd week):

Weeks 2-11: TE 250/Week + Tren 300/Week + Mast (400/week)

Weeks 2-7: DBOL (20/ED)

PCT as needed


I have always intended to use T3 because I have heard a lot about its effects, which I like.

I look forwards to hearing about your progress-good luck...


Thank you.
A fast update:

Cycle so far:
day 1: 40mg
day 2: 60mcg

Today is day 2, a feel ok, just a light increase in body temp.

A friend send me for free some clen. So next week i'll put in clen (1week on 1 off) at around max 100mcg/day (tapering on/off)


day 3: T3 80mcg + 60mcg Clen

All Quiet on the Western Front


I strongly recommend Bill Roberts take on T3. It's worked for me at MUCH lower doses. According to Bill the effect curves off at 70mcg and anything else would be a waste. I dunno I could be wrong. Also, it has been brought to my attention that liquid suspension of T3 is kinda a POS, its effect diminish very fast and it becomes useless. Refrigeration is supposed to prolong its life. From now on Im going with tabs.


oh one more thing...at merely 25mcg, full replacement dose (just making sure thyroid is in check while on diet) and a keto/high protein diet has done wonders. 30lbs down in a month n a half...and lean muscle and strenght skyrocketed. just to give you an idea I started with lets say 17inch arms and now Im pushing a little over 19, squat went from 225 to over 400lbs. Could be muscle memory, but the lard keeps coming off :))


Thank you EDK for the hint!
I'll go checking Bill Roberts's T3 suggestion.
30lbs in a month will be great :wink:

DAY4: T3: 80mcg, CLEN: 80mcg

No sides, just HOT!


Sunday i'll upgrade the stats...

Also, i have found a bottle of TBOL, so i believe i'll put it in in place of DBOL next week


Which is less stimulating, t3 or clen?


[quote]Lover95 wrote:
Which is less stimulating, t3 or clen?[/quot]

"stimulating" I'd say clen, effective for weight loss T3, if you can get your hands on some tabs that would be great. Liquid T3 is a hit or miss pending on when it was made, no way of telling.

Also, I fluctuate in weight A LOT, I'd say in my case half was water. T3 only aided me, I still ate VERY clean, high protein NO sugar NO carbs. Kinda sucks in the gym due to low blood sugar.


I love clen for its stimulating effects.
T3 did not add any to clen on this side...

But i have to say that T3 put my body temp really high!
And adding Clen amplify the "hot" :slightly_smiling:


Kinda sucks sweating like a fat kid, people are always asking "are you okay??" hahaha


Sunday Day 6: about 92kg....


No bad sides, just a drop in appetite (clen?)


LOL, People who know me didn't ask.. also when "off" it's common to see me go around in t-shirt.. under the snow :wink:


So the t3 is liquid? I also read Bill's post that said liquid t3 degrades. I wonder though, if a bottle of liquid t3 is like $10, and the same amount of t3 in pill form is like $100, could the liquid still be a better deal.


I'm not using liquid T3 but the "real stuff" from pharmacy


research companies sell the liquid. in which case if Bill is infact correct, you might be getting worthless shit because you don't know when it was made.


Have you had any sleep issues Cadav?


Day 8 is gone, all it's ok
I'm not losing weight as fast as "T3 stories" should suggested... however i'm happy
I'm not losing muscle mass, my mid section start cleaning up.

No sides nor any sleep issue...

I'm wondering if i should add any AAS....


not true...I just got a 100 tabs of CYTOMEL...medical grade..25mcg tabs for about 30 bucks :slightly_smiling: just gotta know where to look. Local companies are low risk so ofcourse they will jack up the price 10 fold