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Log: Low Volume, Low Frequency, High Intensity

As I stated in my regular log, training time is going to be limited for a bit (probably 3 months). I thought I’d log this separately as high frequency, high volume is all the rage ATM and I want to see what happens when you dont do that.

  1. Paused Close Grip Bench Press 1x3x90kg - low grind
  2. Close Grip Bench Press 1x5x90kg - no grind
  3. Overhead Press from pins (eyebrows) 1x5x60kg - medium grind
  4. Overhead Press 1x5x60kg - high grind

I’m tracking the amount of grinding that’s going on as to not bury myself. Interestingly, pressing off eyebrows was easier than regular press… hmmm

Decreased magnitude of training effect?

Hip was giving me a tonne of grief today. On the bright side, my shoulder wasn’t and I was able to squat with a bar on my back before my hip started complaining too loudly.

A. 2cnt pause squat 1x3x100kg - low grind
B. Squat 1x3x100kg - low grind
C. Deficit deadlift 1x5x120kg - low grind
D. Deadlift 1x5x120kg - low grind

I had overnight oats and unsurprisingly, the training felt better than usual.

A. Push Press 1x3x70kg - medium grind
B. Push Jerk 1x2x70kg - just unco
C. Paused Incline Press 1x5x70kg - low grind
D. Incline Press 1x5x70kg - low grind
E. Box Jumps 5x3

My timing is well off on the jerk. I plan to cycle it in next rotation to get some practice in.

I was very happy with the push press. 80kg is definitely in sight for the next cycle and with a bit of luck, I may clear out 200lbs by the end of the year.

Still figuring out how to slot in jumps and throws but happy with hiw my spring is coming along. I’ll probably bring event training back in on Saturday as my conditioning is likely in the toilet.

Paused Front Squats are an awful exercise. Today felt okay and I am hopeful that I’ll manage three plates for a non-paused front squat by the end of this cycle. Probably not a huge surprise but the squats really gassed me for deadlifting. Hip still giving me issues.

A. Paused Front Squat 1x3x90kg - medium grind
B. Front Squat 1x3x90kg - medium grind
C. 2" Block Pull 1x5x130kg - low grind

Skipped jumps because my hip… bleergh.
Back into event training on Saturday… alllriight!

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They suck while doing them, but I love paused front squats. I feel like they REALLY make your leg stronger because of the static position and no bounce. Keeps you honest!

Thanks for dropping in, man. I pretty much think everything sucks while doing it but its better than the alternative. See below haha

A. Yoke 250kg x 30m
B. Log 3x70kg
C. Medley: 80kg farmers/60kg keg/90kg keg - 50m each

After such a long lay off, I was super happy to get 250kg on the yoke and still have some speed and distance in the tank. The log felt excellent. This was surprising give how dodgy the jerks were earlier in my training.

And then came the medley. This was a miserable, miserable time. My hamstring cramped the first time around… so I decided to do it again which got me as close to vomiting as I have ever been without vomitting haha

A. 2cnt Paused Close Grip Bench Press 1x2x92.5kg - high grind
B. Close Grip Bench Press 1x2x92.5kg - medium grind
C. Overhead Press from Pins (eyebrow level) 1x3x67.5kg - low grind
D. Overhead Press 1x3x60kg - medium grind
E. Ball Slams/Throws 5x3

I think I loaded the bench with 95kg (extra 2.5kg on one side). I’m sticking with that story as to why this was so tough.

I thought eye level would be a sticking point for my OHP but I’m far stronger from that position and it really is an overload movement for me - too much log over the years.

The slam/throw combo was the most fun I’ve had training in a traditional gym.

Elbow pain woke me up three times last night but thankfully it didn’t bother me in this session. I have zero idea what fired it up but it is tender - the joys of getting older…

Hip giving me lots of grief today. I’m planning on spending some time on it each day with my knowledge and then seeing someone if it doesn’t improve. I think it’s a glute thing but we shall see.

I tried deficit deadlifting with a 13mm belt. I may go to a 1" deficit rather than 2" as is was very hard to get into position.

A. Pause Squat 1x2x105kg - low grind
B. Deficit Deadlift 1x3x130kg - low grind
C. Box Jumps 5x2

The yoke felt crushingly heavy today. Still, the work was done:

A. Yoke 220kg x 30m
B. Log 3x75kg
C. Stones upto 120kg

I loaded the stone onto the platform and then let it roll onto my fingers. That’s the issue with strongman and taking a break, there’s losing form and then there’s “you forget the stupid shit you’re supposed to avoid doing”