Log is not Currently About (FKA Throws Training)

Updated Nov 2016

Stats and Pr’s:
5’10" - 210 lbs
Age 27

As of 11/2016: Not Currently Throwing
56lb weight: 24’3"
44lb weight: 31’5"
35lb weight: 35’9"
Shot: 35’1"
Disc: 108’4"
Hammer: 106’1"

All-Time PR (Where I stand) [Goals for March 1st 2017] {August 1st 2017}
Deadlift: 415 (At least 340, hand strength is a factor)[PR] {455}
Squat: 360 (Unsure, not planning to include intense squatting in this block)[None]
Bench: 290 (At least 252, haven’t pushed yet since re-introducing bench) [PR] {315}
Hang: 275 (Unsure, hit 243 in the last few months, but have had poor form over 200) [Back close to PR]{315}
Press: 185 (Probably 160-170 depending on day) [PR]{225}

No events on target dates, March 1st is during the NFL combine, I’ve always used it as a time to measure up, going back to college throwing when it was also around the start of major track meets.

August 1st represents the time I feel like I could reasonably get to some of those round plate milestones with continued work and good health.

Last Bench Day looked like this:

160 3 plyo reps
20lb shot standing put
160 3 plyo reps
20lb shot standing put
160 3 plyo reps
20lb shot standing put
160 3 plyo reps

cross-face extensions 30 lb db superset with
plyo rep triples at 135

and todays Q-squats

standing 10 degree incline broad jump
20lb standing put
standing 10 degree incline broad jump
20lb standing put
standing 10 degree incline broad jump
20lb standing put
standing 10 degree incline broad jump
20lb standing put

35lb pound steering wheel core, 5 sets of 5 oscillations

random accessory all week at work

friday: 4 sets of 3 curl bar power snatches at 115

shaffer saturday: shot put- 34’2"

coming off being sick and not benching for 2 weeks and not doing legs yesterday results were as expected
plyo: 165
ms’s: 235, 245 (easy), 255 fail (not close)
suppine straight flys, 30’s, 4 of 5
wide plyo, 100, 5 then 3

Deadlift- 315x3, 335x3, 355x3, 410x1, 425(fail)
Chinups- 4 sets of 3

plyo: 175
me’s: 225, 235, 245, 255
cross face extensions, 30’s 6, 6, (5 left, 6 right)

5k full puts, best throw 40’

max curl 135x1 and some top end curls tuesday

military 135 x 8,6

q-squats and ten degree incline broad jumps


best jump: 6’2"

standing put: ~32’

bench 210- 5,5,5,3
cross face 30s- 4 of 4
wide paused 135- 3 of 3

monday curls

tuesday 10 low box squats with 135 on a curl bar

military 135 on a curl bar x 7,8. i dont get it either

Deadlift- 295, 365, 395, 415(didnt lock out before dropping bar, need chalk)
shot- 34’2"
56 lb- 20’3’

Bench 215- 5,5,5,4
Pin Press Clusters- 260x3, 270x2

Low Box Squats- 141 on curl bar- 2 of 10

Very interested in throwing training. I’ll be reading.

[quote]hastalles wrote:
Very interested in throwing training. I’ll be reading.[/quote]

glad to have someone aboard, though I hope you read my disclaimer haha. this is not the program i would be doing if I had any more time to invest. Sort of my own science project as all of college has been. I went into college throwing with the mentality that I wasnt worried about peaking or anything because my biggest concern that was to be great by the end I’d need so much more strength. i still believe that, but my path changed, and its clear im never going to be great by the standards that i set for myself back then. Im just hoping with proper timing on speed and technique work I can do something thats great for the life god gave me.

What is your story? age, lifts , throws?

hammers 45- up as fast as possible down as slow as possible- 5,5,3

2 sets of bottom 2/3s ROM curls with a random pail in the warehouse

I hear you man. Gotta do your best with what you got.

I’m 18 and a college freshman. Been weight training for a year or so. (though I did pushups and pullups and stuff nearly every day since I was 11, so I had a good base when I started lifting) For some examples I started out ATG high bar squatting somewhere around 150 lb and am now at an estimated 1RM of 295. Bench went from ~130 to somewhere in the low 200’s now. (I do weighted dips mostly) Other lifts have grown similarly.

Right now I just need to get bigger and stronger. For the future though I want to be as fast/powerful as I can. I’ve never really seriously done any throwing though it looks awesome. All I know is that top level throwers embody my goals perfectly. If the opportunity ever presents itself I’d love to give throwing a shot though. (no pun intended!) Though I’m not sure I’d have much of a chance as I’m 5’6" and probably not gonna grow much more haha.

There’s a place for everyone. I threw at san jose state, thats the same san jose state that in one international competition in the late 60s would been beaten the soviet union, had it been its own nation. The NCAA program was a casualty of budget cuts 20 years before I enrolled. I joined the club team as a true freshman, was the top shot putter there at about 31’ on day 1, was the top shot putter there at 35’1" when we went our separate ways after my “redshirt sophomore” season.

We’d go against jr colleges that had kids throwing 26’, heck we had a kid that threw 27-28’. Sounds like you’re probably quick enough to be beating me within a couple months with good instruction. Any all comers meet or jr college meet (a lot are open to individual athletes, at least around here) would probably fun, competitive, and non-overwhelming for you. If you’re open to sharing where do you go to school now and what is their track situation?

strict overhead press- 141 lbs- 7,7,6