Log In - Getting Serious Again

Well, starting off I’ve been lifting on and off for about 7 years. I’ve gone through various injuries(blown acl, some kind of major shoulder sprain, broken vertebra) and long-term breaks from lifting. All these set-backs have slowed my progress but I feel like I’m finally back on it and ready to get serious again.

Here are some stats from the very first time I touched a weight and my current stats

Age: 14
Height: 5’11
Weight: 245
Bench: 115
Bodyfat: FAAAT

Age: 21
Height: 6’2
Weight: 246
Bench: 325
Bodyfat: ~18%

Unfortunately I can’t do squats or full deadlifts right now because of my back(so no maxes for those) but I will be working on that. For the longest time I thought my back was going to permanently screw me out of solid leg work(causes severe back pain when going low on squats and deads) but recently I discovered what causes the pain and discomfort is actually my lower back and hammies being too tight. So, I’m going to work on stretching them out. So hopefully some day down the line I’ll be able to squat and dead heavy again.(I can’t effing wait)

My most recent break was about 2 years from lifting with any kind of regularity. i just started again in February when some of my buddies got me to join their gym. My bodyweight got up to 260 lbs right before I started again.(beer has A LOT of carbs in it, apparently)

My bench went from around 260 in February to 325 in late May. Unfortunately, because my back is currently keeping me from doing Squats or Deads, Bench is my main test for strength right now.

I just got done with a program that was mostly geared towards my chest. So, i decided to do something for the forgotten muscles.(my back)

It’s a rotating split with a lot of volume for my back.
6 weeks long with the days alternating each week.

Day A:
Bent-Over Row/Bench Press----------------------------------3x10
Chest Supported Incline Dumbell Rows/Incline Dumbell Bench-3x12
Reverse Pec Deck/Pec Deck----------------------------------3x8
(end of supersets)
Seating Cable Row (V-Handle)------------------------------3x8

Day B:
Rack Pulls-----------------------------------------3x12
Decline Narrow Bench-------------------------------3x10
Cable Pull-Downs-----------------------------------3x12
Incline Dumbell Curls------------------------------3x6 (each arm)
Overhead Triceps Extension/Single Arm Cable curls–3x10 (each arm on curls)

Day C:
Leg Press--------------3x15
Leg Extensions---------3x12
Leg Curls--------------3x12
Dumbell Shoulder Press-3x10

Week 1:
Saturday–Cardio 45 minutes

Week 2:
Saturday–Cardio 45 minutes

Then after that it just repeats. Alternating each week.

I’m currently on the third week.

7:30 am
Bent-Over Rows/Bench----------------------- 95#x3x10/185#x1x10;205#x1x9;205#x1x8
Incline dumbell Rows/Incline dumbell bench- 50#x3x10/60#x3x10
Reverse Pec deck/pec deck------------------ 70#x3x10/120#x1x10;140#x2x10
Seated Cable Rows-------------------------- 100#x3x10

All my sets i try to hold the weight at the top of the rep for about a second’s hold. so i’m making sure to work the target muscles. Yes my back is weak as sh*t compared to my chest and there are some differences with my reps and the reps i was SUPPOSED to do. I’m still getting used to the rep scheme and i keep forgetting how many I’m supposed to do.i have it written in a book but i dont want to be “that guy” and go into the gym with a binder that never leaves my side. I’m not big enough IMO to do that yet. I’m sure writing it down in this log will help solve that problem though. My conditioning is the main thing holding me back right now. I used to smoke cigars on occasion but have stopped completely since I started this workout routine.(sucking wind on supersets is a good motivation to stop smoking) It should help.

I’m currently cutting right now. i eat complex carbs and protein before workouts and simple carbs and protein after. Any meals other than that are strictly protein and fats. Just drink water. No more beer.

Current Weight: 246
Current BodyFat Percentage: ~18%
Goal weight: 217
Goal Bodyfat percentage: ~7%

7:45 am
Leg Press---------------300#x1x15;320#x2x15
Leg Extensions----------80#x3x12
Leg Curls---------------80#x1x12;90#x1x12;100#x1x12
Dumbell Shoulder Press–60#x3x10

I try to cut the rest time down on these days to induce more lactic acid build up for fat loss. I’ve only been lowcarbing for 6 days now and i’m already down 6 lbs. It’s scary how fast the extra weight is coming off. I realize some of it is water weight, but I’m steadily getting stronger as I’m losing about a pound a day. I’m taking a thermogenic every morning, but after that it’s strictly real food. No money for protein powders or anything right now. I feel like I’m getting plenty of protein on this new diet, anyway. I pretty much have to because it’s my only option to consume besides fat. My deadline for my goal weight was September 3rd. However, I feel like I’m going to crush my goal in less than half the time now that I’m lowcarbing. I’ve never done it before. So, I was unaware at how awesomely effective it was. It feels great to see my goals getting closer by the day.

7:05 am
Rack Pulls-------------225#x1x10;225#x2x12
Decline Narrow Bench—205#x1x10;185#x1x9;185#x1x7
Cable Pulldowns--------110#x2x10;90#x1x9
Incline Dumbell Curls–20#x2x8;20#x1x6 (each arm)
Overhead Triceps Extensions/Single Arm Cable Curls–80#x1x12;100#x2x12/40#x1x8;30#x1x8;30#x1x9 (each arm on curls)

The only thing holding me back on rack pulls is my grip right now. I used a regular grip on my first set. Then I used an alternate grip on the last 2 sets.
My decline narrow is held back this week because I already did chest hard on Monday. My chest was burning out on my second 2 sets. Where as usually it’s my triceps (the target muscle) doing the burning out.
My biceps burnt out my last set of cable pulldowns. and then continued to burn out on my last set of dumbell curls(although i did that on the curls deliberately). The dumbells were extremely light but I flexed as hard as i could at the top of each rep for a 2 second hold to burn them out.

The hardest thing about this diet is forcing down the breakfast burrito in the morning before I workout. It’s got about 500 calories and 61 carbs. It makes me feel like I’m gonna throw up as I’m choking it down. I don’t ever look forward to it, but after my post workout protein bar(s) I’m pretty much starving for the rest of the day. Which I like. It lets me know I’m in an anabolic state because I’m eating protein and fats constantly.

6:55 am
Leg Press---------------320#x1x15;340#x1x15;360#x1x15
Leg Extensions----------100#x1x12;120#x2x12
Leg Curls---------------100#x1x12;120#x2x12
Dumbell Shoulder Press–60#x3x10

My legs felt pretty good today. It’s probably because I’ve had a few days off from work in a row and they were pretty well rested.(My job consists of standing on my feet for 5-8 hours at a time)

I could be doing more on my shoulder press but it’s so damn hard to get the dumbells into position. It takes a lot out of me. So from the beginning of the set I’m already slightly fatigued. I’m not sure what I could do about that. I currently don’t have a partner to help get them into position. So i guess I’m S.O.L. unless someone has any pointers?

It’s getting harder and harder to eat my pre- and post-workout meals. I’m not sure why but it’s a struggle through every bite. I have to just concentrate on my chewing otherwise I think I’ll vomit. Other than that the diet is extremely easy to follow. God, I love cheese!

6:55 am
Bent over Rows/Bench press-------------------95#x3x10/185#x1x10;205#x1x10;185#x1x10
incline dumbell rows/incline dumbell press—50#x1x12;45#x1x12;35#x1x12/60#x1x8;50#x2x12
reverse pec deck/pec deck--------------------70#x1x8;80#x2x8/120#x1x8;140#x2x8
seated cable rows----------------------------110#x1x10;120#x1x8;110#x1x8

I wasnt really feeling it today. Even before i left my house to head to the gym I just felt… off. I guess the low carb diet is starting to get to me. This is my 8th day on it. I came really close to packin it up after my first superset of dumbell pulls/presses. I burnt out after 8 reps on the presses and just felt like shit, but i pushed through it. I took an extended break, lightened the weight, and went back to work. After that I felt a lot better.

I think I might have to start supplementing my diet with a lowcarb protein powder while I’m on this diet. Otherwise I’m afraid I’ll start burning up too much muscle.

I’m glad this week of lifting is over. I definitely need the recovery time.

7:05 am
Rack Pulls------------------------ 225#x1x12;245#x1x12;255#x1x12
Decline Narrow Bench---------------------205#x3x10*
Cable Pull Downs-------------------------110#x1x12;120#x1x12;110#x1x12
Incline Dumbell Curls--------------------25#x3x8 (each arm)
Overhead Triceps Extensions/Cable Curls–120#x1x12;110#x1x12;100#x1x12/35#x3x10 (each arm on curls)

My grip is still holding me back on my rack pulls. As far as my back and legs feel the weight goes up easy, but my grip is giving out. It feels as though it is getting stronger though. After the first set I used an
alternate grip and that’s why I added weight. Otherwise I’d be stuck at 225.

*On my decline today I had to rack the weight midset on my 2nd and 3rd sets. I dont have a spotter. So i dont wanna risk burning out on it. I took a few breaths and finished each set though. I racked it with 2 and 3 reps left, respectively.

Yesterday my back was killing me. I think I slept on it wrong or something, but I was seriously concerned about being able to do my rack pulls today. Thankfully the pain was gone this morning. God i feel like an old man sometime…

The weekend of rest felt really good. My body feels good to go for another 4 days.

7:10 am
Leg Press----------320#x1x15;360#x1x15;380#x1x15
Leg Extensions-----120#x1x12;140#x2x12
Leg Curls----------120#x1x12;140#x2x12
DB Shoulder Press–60#x3x10

My legs feel like their getting stronger. It’s been a while since I’ve done any direct leg work. So, it makes sense that they’d be getting stronger relatively quick. They started shaking today everytime I bent down at the water fountain after my last set of leg curls. I’ll take that as a sign that I’m on the right track.

Shoulder presses felt easier today. It’s still a pain in the ass to get them into position, but that feels like it’s getting easier, too. So, hopefully, I’ll be able to add some weight in the upcoming weeks.

I’m starting to notice a major difference in the mirror as far as fat loss goes. I havent weighed myself since last Wednesday and dont plan to until this Saturday, but I can tell that I’m getting leaner. I’m starting to look like I did the last time I was down to about 14% bodyfat; just with bigger muscles. I’m wondering how lean I’m gonna get on this diet. I’m still over 6 weeks away from the finish and I’m quickly approaching the leanest I’ve ever been as an adult. I’ll probably be there in another week or 2. From there on out, I’ll be passing a point that I’ve never been before. Hell. Yes.

7:10 am
Bent over rows/Bench Press-------95#x3x10/185#x3x10
Incline DB row/Incline DB press–35#x1x12/50#x1x12

Today was not a very good day… I got a massive headache last night. It was enough to keep me from being able to go to sleep. I took 2 Goody’s Powders and it finally felt good enough to pass out. I tried to go light today to avoid straining too much. So i could avoid it coming back. Well, it did. I had to cut my workout short to avoid it getting any worse. I just took something else for it. Hopefully I’ll be good to go tomorrow. Sad that I didnt get to finish my Superset Day… but tomorrow is a new day.

On a good note, though, I’m starting to get more and more vascularity in my forearms. It shouldnt be long before I can give directions with them. ha

I decided to take the day off today. I believe I strained a muscle in my neck on Tuesday and it has caused headaches whenever I strain myself(lifting weights). So, today I am relaxing and icing my neck. I’m hoping that I will be able to finish out my lifting week tomorrow, but if my headache is still there when I wake up I will just sit out and rest up the whole weekend. Kind of sucks but I know if i push it, it will just last longer and cause more and more discomfort.

Judging from the mirror and my current weight I should be sitting at around 17% bodyfat, possibly even a tad bit lower. I feel like I’ve gotten rid of all the water weight and any weight I lose now will pretty much be straight fat.

I’m gonna keep my fingers crossed for tomorrow…

So, I decided to take the long weekend off to let my neck get better. I should be 100% by Monday if I ice it regularly. Only 2 more weeks of this lifting cycle to go. Got to make em count!

7:15 am
Bent over row/Bench press--------95#x3x10/185#x3x10
Incline DB row/Incline DB press–40#x3x12/55#x3x12
Reverse Pec deck/pec deck--------70#x1x8;80#x2x8/160#x3x8
end of supersets
V handle cable row---------------110#x3x8

Head finally felt good enough today. It felt awesome lifting this morning after not lifting for 5 days.

I think I’m gonna have to up my water intake because the food I’m eating for my diet is VERY high in sodium. I think it’s dehydrating me. I had a mild headache yesterday that wasnt from my neck. It felt like a hangover. So, hopefully, the added water will solve that problem.

7:15 am
Leg Press----------300#x1x15;400#x2x15
Leg Extensions------140#x3x12
Leg Curls-----------140#x3x12
DB Shoulder Press----55#x2x12

Nice workout today. I had to cut off my last set of DB presses because I had to be somewhere and I was already cutting it close.
I lightened the weight on my DB presses because I was using a bench that actually supported my entire back and i wasnt sure if i could do the same weight without being able to lean back at all.

I only have about 20 more lbs to go before I’m down to my goal weight. And I should be there by the time I’m done low-carbing. So, Hell Yeah on that.

So, I definitely forgot to fill out my log for yesterday.

7:10 am
Rack Pulls-------------225#x1x12;245#x1x12;265#x1x12
Decline Narrow Bench—205#x2x10;185#x1x10
Cable Pulldowns--------110#x3x12
Incline DB Curls-------25#x3x8
Overhead Triceps Extension/Cable Curls—110#x3x12/35#x3x10

I shortened my rest periods a lot yesterday.

7:15 am
Leg Press--------300#x1x15;400#x2x15
Leg Extensions—120#x1x12;140#x1x12;160#x1x12

DB Shoulder Press–55#x3x10

I left out the Leg Curls today because my left hammie has been tender since tuesday’s leg workout. I figured it’d be smart not to push it. It feels like it got stretched a little too much or something.
I shortened my rest periods on my Shoulder presses today. I lightened the weight because I tweaked my right biceps yesterday after I got done lifting. I was trying to avoid flexing it while doing my presses and lightening the weight helped me control it a little more just to be safe.

7:20 am
Bent-over Row/Bench-----------------------95#x3x10/185#x3x10
Chest supported DB row/Incline DB press—40#x3x12/55#x3x12
Reverse Pec deck/pec deck-----------------70#x2x8;80#x1x8/160#x2x8;160#x1x10
end of supersets
V bar cable row-----------110#x3x8

I shortened my rest periods considerably today. I had to lighten the weight on a few lifts but I liked the burn i got.

My right biceps and left hammie felt really good today. They’ll probably be back to normal after the weekend if not extremely close to it.

Next week is my last week of this lifting program. I’m gonna do at least a week of just cardio after i’m done with this. I’m gonna let my body recover from everything. I’ve had a left biceps tendon strain in my shoulder since the beginning of this workout. Hopefully that will be gone after i rest my body for a little while.

On my next workout cycle, I’m gonna focus on my legs(a major weak point for me). I’ll probably do some heavy deads as the centerpiece lift. I feel like my back and hams are getting flexible enough for me to do those comfortably now. No squats just yet, but those will come with time.

Just 5 more weeks of low carbing. I’m considering extending it another 4 weeks after that though. I’ll have to see where I’m at after these last 5 weeks first. I’m noticing vascularity in places I’ve never really seen it before. My biceps and forearms mostly. A little in my anterior deltoid area as well. All good signs.

7:30 am
Rack pulls-------------245#x1x12;265#x2x12
Decline narrow bench—185#x3x10
Cable Rows-------------110#x1x10;120#x2x10
Incline DB curls-------30#x3x8 (each arm)
Cable Curls------------40#x1x10;40#x1x8;25#x1x10 (each arm)

Had to go easy on my triceps today. I banged the sh*t out of the back of my elbow yesterday on the corner of a metal sink. It’s bruised and tender now. So, I skipped my overhead triceps extensions and went light on my Decline narrow bench.

I shortened my rest periods today, again. I’ll probably continue to shorten them even more for the rest of the week to encourage fat loss.

On my last set of cable curls I lightened the load and put my other hand under my elbow to further isolate my biceps. It felt good.

Oh and just in case anyone was wondering what supps i’m taking:
2 xenadrine ultra, first thing when i wake up
1 multivitamin, right before bed

I’m probably gonna start taking creatine after I get down to my goal weight. I would have already started but I didnt have the money for it until after I started cutting. It always makes me gain about 10 lbs when I start taking it and it would’ve have thrown off my scale weight and made it harder to tell what progress I was making.

My right biceps and left hammie felt great today. Looking forward to legs tomorrow.

7:05 am
Leg Press----------300#x1x15;400#x2x15
Leg Extensions-----140#x3x12
Leg Curls----------140#x3x12
DB Shoulder Press–60#x3x10

Legs felt really good today… until i got done lifting. I feel like I wore them down pretty good today. As little rest as possible in between sets while keeping the weight where I’ve had it.

Looked leaner than ever today when I woke up and looked in the mirror. I’m cutting my caloric intake a little bit for these last 4 and a half weeks of low carb. I’m not sacrificing any around my workout; just cutting my pre-bedtime snack down to a can of tuna instead of melted cheese.

some dickbag loaded my favorite bar(there are only 5 7ft bars in my gym) with 315 on the decline bench today and left it there. That pisses me off. I didnt see who did it, but i noticed halfway through my workout and nobody had touched it before I left. I was going to unload it but I saw a big-bellied powerlifter looking guy in the area of it. So, I wasnt sure if he had loaded it on there for a heavy set of declines later in his workout or not. Either way, though, it had been on there for at least 30 minutes. The flex in the bar is barely visible to the eye but as I’m sure you all know it’s extremely obvious when youre going heavy on bench and the bar has even the slightest permanent bend in it. I hate people that are too lazy to unrack their weights.

7:10 am
Bent-over Row/Bench press---------95#x3x10/185#x3x10
Incline DB row/Incline DB press—40#x3x12/55#x3x12
Reverse pec deck/Pec deck---------80#x1x8;90#x2x8/160#x1x8;180#x2x8
end supersets
V-bar cable row-------------------110#x3x8

The low carb diet was definitely getting to me today. I DID NOT feel like working out once I got in the gym. Each set kicked my ass, but I kept on pushing through it.

On my Cable Rows, today, I basically did all 3 sets right after eachother. I had about 10 seconds of rest in between. I was trying to get a good pump in my back right before I left the gym.

I have noticed that I’ve been more aggressive lately. I’m not sure if it’s my diet(low blood sugar) or maybe an increase in T, but I’m definitely more moody than usual. I’m usualy an uber laid back guy. Nothing phases me, but the past few days I’ve noticed stupid stuff just pissing me off. Thankfully I’m so used to not caring that I can control it when I am agitated. Just an observation…

7:10 am
Leg press----------------300#x1x17;400#x2x16
Leg extensions-----------140#x3x12
Leg curls----------------140#x3x12
DB shoulder press--------55#x3x10

Felt nice getting my last leg day of this workout cycle done. I kept reminding myself of that on my last set of leg curls.

It was the easiest it’s ever been getting the DB’s in position for my SP’s today. I guess that means that whatever muscle that requires has gotten stronger. score.

I’m glad i tweaked my diet a few days ago. It definitely helped get me out of a plateau. I’ve been steadily losing weight since.

7:15 am
Rack Pulls-------------------225#x1x12;245#x1x12;265#x1x12
Decline Narrow Bench---------185#x3x10
Cable Pull Downs-------------110#x3x12
Incline DB Curls-------------30#x3x8
Overhead Cable Triceps Extension/Cable Curl----------110#x3x12/25#x3x10

Last day of my lifting cycle under my belt. Feels good. I’m gonna do mostly cardio next week to let my body recover.

I held my elbow on my cable curls again. It felt really good in my biceps. That’s definitely gonna be how I do that particular exercise from now on.

I’ll most likely post my log for my cardio next week. Just to stay in the habit of keeping it up.