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Log? I Hope It Goes Well. Open to Advice


To the people,

I am starting my prgram for 8 weeks today. I may even be 10 weeks. However any advice about ts400?

I am going to take measurements and post when i find my tape measure.

How best to keep gains in the post cycle? Clomid?



Yeah don’t do this cycle. Too many damn compounds and too many damn half lives you have to control. Why not run just test e or c? I get that it’s cheap but shit that supplement is fucked up.


When i said i was starting that was my day one. I am committed to it already. I eat everything already since before i began. I am filled all day. So diet is good. And i work out 5 to 6 days. I plan 2 cc a week. My friend got this for me he recommend this. I got to get in the game so i can meet people and have sonething to talk about and know what i am talking about. Looking to fet the experiece in this and build muscle too.


I don’t care what you eat or how much you workout or how you want to gain knowledge. STOP RUNNING THIS COMPOUND. I’m assuming you don’t have an AI on hand? and I’m also assuming you don’t have a pct? I’m also assuming you didn’t get any blood work done? You don’t have to run a dangerous compound like this to meet people or “get in the game” you can get in the game by researching compounds, cycles, pct, AI’s, and blood work to get an understanding and then you can ask questions on here to “get in the game”. Stop running this compound today!!! I don’t care what your friend says. Your estrogen levels are gonna be through the roof if you finish this cycle


Thanks for the advice