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Log Clean: Help Me Please (With Video)

So I have been struggling with my log clean since I have access to a log and my press is surpassing my clean significantly. No matter how often I watch Alan Thrall’s tutorial, I just can’t seem to get it right.
For the video, please watch the last set as I tried hard to brace and think it worked a little bit better.

Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks in advance.

Main issues I see are:

  • you need to tuck the log right into you (touch your stomach) when you lap it, it’s on your knees
  • your elbows drop as soon as you begin to stand up causing you to almost curl the log
  • you’re not pushing your elbows under the log aggressively when your extending up
  • you need to move much faster

Drop the weight. Focus on exploding the log up.

Thanks man, good tips!
I really have problems with the “lap-position”. How deep would you advice to squat down?

I’m no expert but my clean exceeds my press. I go even lower than i do in a front squat, so low that the log is pressed against my chest at the bottom. So the log is almost already in place. As i ascend i forcefully extend my hips and i shoot my elbows around and lock it like i would a front squat.

I only do this when i clean once and press away though. When i cleaned every rep i just power clean it.

But I’ve got a long way to go so take my advice with a grain of salt lol.

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Wherever you are most comfortable. BTW, you’ll clean and press a fatter log up much easier if you get past the curling issue (which may be party the thin log)

train on different size logs plus your posterior chain is getting fatigue very quickly need to work on that , my log I had to train with was only 7 inches diameter , at the contest the log was almost a foot in diameter be ready most of the small contest they want the hometown local boys to win so they train on the implements and contest, why are you wearing a belt with a hundred and sixty five pounds on log press unless you have back problemsthis hinders the roll up over your stomach you also need to get more explosive they don’t call it strong man for nothing farmers walk and some heavy hammer curls might help before I got in the strong man I was doing a hundred and seventy pounds incline dumbbells so I could clean more on a log then a barbell just do the basics Wicked Strong I would throw up sometimes before hey have you worked out where I had a goal toward the end of my training cycle

@tsantos : I have used a bigger log only once and it was indeed easier to clean. Unfortunately this log is all I can afford for now.

@strongmanjoe :

  1. This is the only log I have access to, unfortunately.
  2. Got it. Any ideas for that?
  3. Belt because I am not that strong and that weight is relatively heavy for me. At least for the clean. For pressing it is about my 10 rm.
  4. I am working on carries already. Will incorporate hammer curls.
    Thanks for the answer.

You also have flat stomach, a little bit of belly actually helps, get wicked , i have never train clean only on log press , you need more posterior chain period, plus viking hammer curls, later,bed timr bro