Log Books in the Gym

Why am I the only one walking around the gym carrying a log book? I have just joined my first commercial gym, before that I trained in my college gym, which was empty 90% of the time, and before that I was always in boxing and MMA gyms. There are many weird things I am getting used to in this new gym, but I can’t get over the fact I am the only one who has a log book with me in the gym. This goes for everyone, from newbies through to the proper big guys.

Do you carry your log book around with you? Or does everyone but me have a really good memory and just write it down when you’ve finished?

Sorry, not the most interesting topic in the world, but I’m curious and it beats talking about kitkats.

[quote]Roundhead wrote:
…it beats talking about kitkats.[/quote]

I lolled.

I have signed up recently with Virgin Active and have only seen one guy with a logbook so far.
I’m using a small pink pocket sized booklet I nabbed off of my little sister - truly the stuff of T-men.

No, I keep mine in excel at home.

No one keeps a log book in my gym, even those big and serious guys.

I carry one in the gym, gotta know where you’ve been to know where you’re going.

I used to. Yet now I go more by feel. If you hit a big enough pr you’re going to remember it clearly I think as long as you’re not doing a million things in the gym like some people…I mean there’s only one trainer at my gym who I see using one. He’s a big mofo though.

I keep an excel spreadsheet with all my logs in there, but I do carry around a notebook with that specific day’s plan. Now that I think about you don’t see too many people in the gym with a log book.

I carry a little notepad then update it to an excel sheet (am behind on updating the excel)

I am one of the very few people at my gym that does this. I do see the occasional person with a printed workout or a page out of a magazine.

I keep mine on my iPhone.

[quote]dday wrote:
I carry one in the gym, gotta know where you’ve been to know where you’re going.[/quote]

X2…i carry mine and read through it on cardio days

Used to all the time. THen I needed a break from it and I went by feel. I need to start keeping it again though. I keep putting it off until next time.

I have kept a log book for years. The one I’m carrying now started on 3/26/06. Being at commerical gym, bally’s where people seem to check on to machines for hours at a time. I get tired of waiting on them to finish talking or sitting in between sets.

I have an idea of what i want to accomplish that day. Plus i dont recall my exact weights & sets so i can look back over what i did: recent & long history. Helps me to keep progressing forward. However if the equipment is in use, I’ll do something else. If the alt exercise is one i haven’t done in awhile, I’ll go back & look at the last time I did the exercise: sets & reps. So for me I know where I should be starting my sets.

I printed out an excel spreadsheet with projections for madcows 5x5. Helps me with all the 12.5% ramping every set.

I’m one of the very few people at my university gym who uses paper products to assist with lifting.

I bring a paper from home with my workout written and what I did for each exercise last time so I can try to improve. I write down what I do as I go along and transfer it to excel while I drink my shake afterwards.

never have.

92% of the people who use log books aren’t as big as me

the other 8% are huge as faaaaaawk

so i guess you decide if it’s worth it or not

I carry one now. It gives me motivation to beat my old PRs.

I carry one every day i’m in the gym lifting. Its all a matter of preference, but me i like to keep track and see my gains daily to push myself to hit an extra rep or two or add an extra 5-10 lbs to what i’m pushing.

I’m one of the few in my gym that has a logbook. I’ve been in commercial gyms for about 3 years and most of the times the newbies are the ones with the books. I’ve even been told by one of the Huge guys to get rid of it cuz it’s for pussy’s. (mind u he is one of those guys that stands around talking to chicks for 5 min in between sets) I’s told him that i didnt give a f*ck cus it helps me stay focused so i dont d^ck around.

Post from “How to Build 50lbs of muscle in 12 months” By Nate Green

Crapping All Over Your Book

Walk into any gym and you’ll see two types of people who carry logbooks around: absolute beginners, and really advanced guys.

Unfortunately, most of us fall right into that middle area.

“The logbook is the whole program,” SM told me. “How the hell are you supposed to progress if you don’t even know what you lifted two weeks ago?”

That’s why every single DC training session â?? from the actual working sets to the stretches â?? is meticulously documented.

“With my methods, you’re held accountable for today’s workouts versus the last time you did the exact same workout,” Trudel explained in an interview a few years ago. “My trainees look back on their logbooks and find out that they are sometimes lifting 50 to 200 pounds heavier on those exercises months later. What does that equal? Adaptation and rapid muscle-mass accumulation.”

Spend some time surfing through the posts here and you’ll see quite a few mentions of “beating the logbook.”

I have a Happy Bunny log book. I can barely remember to leave the house with shoes on never mind remember exactly what I lifted in the gym. It helps me remember what I did to peak for various meets.

i just started carrying a log book a few months ago. and i like it i mean i still go by feel but like to check the book and make sure im making progress. I go to a commercial gym thats full of soccer moms an old people. There are a few real big guys but none of them carry a logbook. I do see a lot of women who carry the little sheets they get from their shitty personal trainers. but other than that im the only with with a book.

I don’t have one. I don’t have that much trouble remembering what weights I’m trying to lift.

I’ve got a little 100 page note book.
Left hand side is what I ate today, left is lifting/cardio.

I only record my main exerices…the other stuff like arms and calves and forearms you just kind of remember what you did last time and movue up, but it’s not really neccesary fo rme to write down all the sts/weights.