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Log 4/6/06


Hey guys-
I started reading T-Nation about 6 months ago and have
really enjoyed the articles and forums. I am a little
nervous about posting my pics/measurements up here
though because, frankly, they aren't good.

Anyhow, quick history on me... I've been lifting
on/off (off due to injuries which occurred during
lifting (back, shoulder, wrist, etc)) since high
school. I have learned the hard way about training
correctly and finally feel like I have a handle on
that aspect thanks in large part to T-Nation.
Right now I am 25, 6 feet tall at about 206.5 lbs.
Honestly, I know I'm fat with no base to speak of. I'm
just getting started again after another injury and
want to give it a serious try with a good routine and
kick ass diet.


Training: I work a lot so the only time I can go to
the gym is early in the morning. After reading a lot
of articles on T-Nation, I found a workout program I
liked and fit into my schedule. It's Joel Marion's
"Time Efficient Hypertrophy."

Diet: On top of drinking well over a gallon of water a
day, I made a diet that conformed to Berardi's 7
Habits of Highly Effective Diets and will follow his
tailor made nutrition guide when I need to make
changes to my diet. I can post what I have come up
with if people are interested.

Supplements: Whey Protein, Fish oil, flax oil, CLA,
multi vitamin, B=12, folic acid, Vit E, green tea, Vit
C, and HOT-ROX

Goals: I was thinking around 225 at about 10% BF
within a year(I would say I'm about 20% in the
picture). I don't know if that is realistic but it's
my goal.

Lifts: (pathetic I know)
Bench: 205 lbs (always been my worst lift)
Deadlift: 300 lbs
Squat: 250 lbs (all the way down)

Any constructive criticism is much appreciated....

(I actually started this on Apr 6 but decided to post
today, so some of this is post dated)

4/6/06 Measurements
Weight: 206.5 lb
Waist: 92 cm (36.25")
Chest: 106.5 cm (42")
Arms: R+L 38.5 cm (15.25")


Injuries suck.

The only way to progress is to be consistent with your workouts and diet - tough to do when you are hurt, I know.

You say that you work out in the morning. Be sure to warm up a ton as you are more injury prone during AM workouts.

Stick to it. Good luck and keep us posted.



You sound like you understand what you've been doing wrong and not making any excuses about going on/off track. It's good that you have some expierience on lifting. Some quick calculations show that you have ~160 Lbs. LBM right now so to reach your goal, you'll need to drop about 18 pounds of fat and gain about 40 pounds of muscle mass. I would say eat really clean, hit your compound lifts, and you'll reach your goals. Just make sure that you re-evaluate your diet making sure that you are reaching your goals within each time period. If you don't reach them, readjust until you do reach them. Good luck.


Thanks for the feedback guys.... moving this thread to Building a Better Body. Feel free to follow there.