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Loeffler 25mg Dbol

I have herd that the Loeffler tabs are underdosed…I am trying to get a copy of the new ANABOLICS 2004 book cause i read that they have what the sertain steroids really tested mg wise, does anyone have the book and if so can they tell me what it says they really have in them…

thank You

i think most agree that cheap, mexican, vet gear is underdosed. however the shit is cheap! ive heard it is a decent product. i would just try it out at 2 tabs per day and adjust from there.

Thanks PDog,

Any one else?

I have used these before & was told by friends that they are SLIGHTLY underdosed. Having said that, I found them to be pretty comparable to other brands of Dbol I have used. Plus there great for cost/value ratio.

Thanks Dud,

I have read so much about them, and everyone says suttin diff…People say they r 17mg others say 23 others say 20 and on one board i read they are not even half teh dosage…The only foirsure way to find out is to takje them i guess…lol…

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