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Lockup Raw


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d_2EMM_aE1E&feature=related pretty interesting, alot of these guys are big and strong too for being stuck in prison with what i assume lack of food etc. monster at 4:33, BED-lifts, shower pullups, powerlifting comps,625 dead lift. dumpster curls lol.


Off topic (sort of)

Watching these shows on National Gergraphic some prioners are in there for 11 life sentences. What is the point in keeping and spending all of that tax money to keep them alive for if they are NEVER going to come out? This is based off of that they are convicted on crimes they 100% commited.

Back on track that guy at 4:33 is pretty large.


Man I can't imagine being locked up for 23 hours a day with nothing to do, I mean thats just insane how do most of those guys not have bipolar or something? I always wonder how somebody is supposed to cope with that.

Also Back on track I agree the guy at 4:33 is pretty large. But arn't all those guys that are able to lift only in for a short amount of time?


These m'fucker are willing to kill each other using toothbrushes or their bare hands in the showers and shit but out in the weight area, nah, they decide to keep all orderly...