Lockouts and Floor Presses?

Yesterday was my first time experimenting with Lockouts and Floor Presses. I did these on my ME bench day after my DB presses. I hear these exercises are great to build triceps strength as well as size. I do not know if I didn’t do these correctly, but the next day (today) my triceps are not even sore.

On my lockouts, I set the pins in the power rack so my elbows would be at 90degrees. From there I lowered the bar with my elbows tucked, let it rest on the pin for a second (to the 90 degree mark), and then pushed it up while trying to keep my elbows tucked.

I did the same with my floor presses except that I let my elbows rest on the ground for a couple seconds. I also experimented with reps and did anywhere from 3 sets of 6-8 reps on each exercise. Am I doing these right? Shouldn’t these be making my triceps sore?

if you bench every week your working your triceps & chest do they get sore when you bench?

sounds like you are doing them correctly, but if you are doing floor presses also, do the lockouts at a higher position, maybe 2 holes higher, then you’ll be able to use heavier weight, the range of motion will only be maybe 6 inches or so.

also with lockouts you can bring your hands in closer, like pinky on the inside of power ring.

[quote]n3wb wrote:
if you bench every week your working your triceps & chest do they get sore when you bench?


Triceps do not usually get sore; unless, I do really heavy triceps extensions. My chest on the other hand gets sore. I have been trying to bring up my triceps strength, because I have started doing barbell board presses.

Every time I try to go heavy on my barbell board presses, my elbows pop out (instead of staying tucked). I can not remember if my elbows flare out when I am lowering or when I am pushing the barbell up, but I think it is when I do both.

yeah it’s weird floor presses don’t cause soreness for me either…any guesses as to why?

I think… its because you use your triceps so much they dont get sore if you took 2 weeks off and did triceps they would be sore

Keep those elbows tucked. Lower the bar low on your chest and keep the elbows tucked and you’ll likely feel it.