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Lockout dilemas

Ive been doing some supramaximal lifts to help my bench press lately. I train without a partner so negatives are out of the question but i have been doing some isometric holds and some lockouts (last several inches).

Now, when I bench i try to keep my elbows close into my sides and lower the bar to my upper abs. But when doing the lockouts it is significantly easier when my elbows flare out to the sides. It actually feels pretty awkard to use my normal bench technique for the lockouts. I guess my question is, is it more important to use the technique i would use for the bench or is it better just to concentrate on loading since it is supramaximal loading afterall. If just holding the bar can have some benefit for the cns then any is the cns adaptation really movement specific for supramaximal loading or is it just getting used to the load which is important.

Also i was thinking that i should perhaps change my normal bench technique to one with my elbows flaring, but i think i would be week off the chest. So im going to try the J press, I know that the westside guys dont think much of it but seeing im strong off the chest with my elbows in and strong durring lockout with my elbows out, i think it might be a good idea…

Any suggestions/comments please???

You mentioned Westside so im assuming that you have read some of their stuff. Why not use some of their methods to increase your lockout. Bands, chains, board presses, reverse band presses, rack lockouts, floor press with chains, reverse band floor press.