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Locking Out - Yes or No?


I've read mixed opinions on this. When benching, should you look out at the top of the movement? I've read that it can be detrimental to your elbows if you do so.

Also, should you go to a dead hang with each chinup/pullup rep?


Can you explain how locking out on bench is detrimental to your elbows?


Lock out your benches. Some bodybuilders keep constant tension by stopping just short of lockout, but your a beginner and dont know your body that well so just keep it simple, it wont hurt your elbows.

As far as chins go, you can do them either way, just dont cheat yourself and make your chins ROM be 3 inches. I like to do them both ways as both are beneficial in their own ways.


Don't worry about it too much, just feel it out. Usually people end up not locking out the lower the intensity is while for 1-5RM's you naturally tend to lock out each rep and hold between reps a bit.

Locking out won't hurt your joints, shitty form and a poor warmup will though.


I always lock out unless I'm going for very high reps (12 or more)
At that point, the repeated motion tends to aggravate my elbows.