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Locked-In Syndrome

Tony Nicklinson had a high-flying job as a corporate manager in Dubai, where he went skydiving and bridge-climbing in his free time. His wife, Jane, describes him as â??a real Alpha Maleâ?? who was â??tall, dark and handsome.â??

Seven years ago, he suffered a paralyzing stroke. Today he can only move his head, cannot speak and needs constant care. But, his mind is completely intact.

Still, he wants to die. In a statement, he described his life as â??dull, miserable, demeaning, undignified and intolerable.â??

Hard for me to personally say he shouldn’t be able to do it. I can see where he is coming from…Thoughts?

I find it hard to chose a side having no personal experience in the matter but it seems that if you wish to be remembered as someone who could walk, talk, enjoy life and all together move then it should be your right to be let alone to die.

I mean if you cant live without the help of others is that considered living anyways?

Why do we feel the need to tell people what the can or cannot do. I mean its considered against the law to kill yourself.

Maybe there should be a waiting list to be killed in these situations so that it not something allowed to do on a wimb.

Like you have to ask for it for like 2 years before your allowed out of your own misery

It is a difficult issue.
I have always felt that under certain circumstances the individuals wishes should be granted.

Euthanasia is not a difficult issue. We own our own life.

The difficult issue is how we deal with our own selfish emotions.

When the quality of life of a human being is absolutely miserable and there is no hope of improvement I am for it.

However the legalization should be very strict. It shouldn’t be used for people with treatable illnesses such as depression and whatnot.

Wow that video was depressing.

Euthanasia is not a difficult issue. We own our own life.

The difficult issue is how we deal with our own selfish emotions.[/quote]

The problem here is that he wouldn’t be killing himself. Another person would be committing homicide on his behalf. The question here is? Does the state have a right to make homicide(violence) illegal even if it is part of a voluntary contract. The answer is absolutely not. You don’t really own your self unless you have a right to harm yourself or even to voluntarily agree to harm from another individual. If the state has the right to prosecute homicide through a voluntary contract, then there’s no reason that other violence agreed upon like S@M or even full contact sports shouldn’t be within the jurisdiction of crimes against persons.

If you own your own life then you also have the right contract any service you want that does not harm an other individual.

Maybe he could start sky-diving again.

[quote]DrSkeptix wrote:
Maybe he could start sky-diving again.[/quote]