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Locked and Loaded


12 Year Old Willy Moser, snatching a PR. 50kg at a bdy wt. of 104lbs.


i am 31yrs old cant go back on time . you got me here . lol !!!!

super super super strong kid . i am so motivated. tks for this video


Lifts exatly like his bro!

How long has he been lifting and what are his front and back squats like?

My bro's 15, started when he was 11.

71/90 @ 62kg, only been really pushing heavier weight the last 18months. 105/120 squats.



koing i wish i started this early :frowning:



We do not do much squatting at this age. The beginning years I have them mostly do the lifts, it forces them to learn the best technique for them. If a lifters legs are too strong at this age they can make technique errors and still complete the lift. Once I see them have perfect technique and as they get older I start putting more emphasis on the squat.

Getting the technique down and overcoming any fear of the bar are the most important things for them to achieve at a early age. Getting strong is very easy, mastering technique and confidence takes years of hard work and discipline. I hope this helps.

The results of your Bro are exceptional for his age, looks like he is on the right path.

Jim Moser


Too bad the kid doesn't have a qualified coach handy.LOLOL
Happy New Year, Jim.



It's really uncanny how your bro's technique is exactly like yours!

Bro's now done 71/91 at the last comp he did. Nearly Cleaned 94 and recently front squat 100x 3 and 115 for one.

It's only been the past 18months he's gotten a lot stronger and we've been pushing him on a bit. But yeah before that he was just lifting and squating but not pushing it hard. The coach is careful and he's gotten a fair amount taller int he last 18months also. He was much more squat and shorter.

It'll be interesting to see how he does this year in terms of his lifts, squats and his bw. He's been putting on about 10% of his bw and I've not added his lifts up yet. I'll look at his competition log to see how his progress has been but he lifts 5/6 or 6/6 most comps.

How often does your bro train? My bro does 3x a week.

I think when my bro was 11 he did about 15/20 or so?! If that?