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Lockdown — Should I End My Cycle?

Hey all,
I’m about 9 weeks into my cycle at 600mg test a week. My cycle has about 3-4 weeks left in it but Ontario just locked down for a month. I don’t have access to any kind of real weights. Would it be best health wise to end my cycle now or continue as normal with body weight and then post cycle as planned?

If I end my cycle now I will be starting my post cycle about a week before the gym opens up again.

Just run it out to 12 weeks. You can do a LOT if you get creative. Build a pump with body weight exercises. Find a way to do some dips and pull ups. You’ve already reaped most of the gains let them stick for a bit over the next couple weeks.


Ok, thanks for the advice.
I have a bar with about 100lbs, a pull up bar and a weighted vest. Will make do with what I have and push through.

Stay safe and enjoy the holidays!

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I cut mine short when we got a month of lockdown (just opened back up in my state), but I was at week 14 out of 16, and I am on TRT, so it isn’t a great comparison. If you were a blast and cruise (trt) guy, then I would say cut it short, but since you are a PCT guy, I agree with blshaw on just keep it running and get creative.

A pair of bands can be obtained for little money, and with quick shipping. You could attach them to the bar for lifts like squats, deads and bench to add resistance.

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Try to buy old weights from gyms in your area. Many have some laying around in the basement.

I had the same situation - fucking TWICE now - seriously, this year has been shit.

Difference is I was blasting/crusing and not on cycle- like the others who replied to you. It’s not the same I guess.

In hindsight, I kindof wished I hadve backed off and stopped the blast. I had a hard time keeping up with progressive overload with only resistance bands and bodyweight. You can increase volume, but there are only so many things you can do to increase the resistance before you’re slinging all of your bands around your neck to do squats in your living room.

Also, I started the blast at a point where I could’ve (should’ve) dieted instead to be leaner for the next time I could get back into the gym to focus on lifting heavier, so shit for me, but I digress…

I don’t know, if it were me, I’d go to your 10 weeks to make it an even number and then save the rest of your gear for the next cycle. (Hoping that the UK super-covid doesn’t start the next apocalypse sometime soon…)

So this is kind of my dilemma. I’m not sure what would be better. Do you keep blasting and using what you have to survive until the gyms open back up. Or do you post cycle and survive on what you have in the mean time.

I don’t know what the better option is. I hate that I’ve taken my body on this wild hormonal ride just to have it all be for nothing and potentially lose the progress I’ve made.

While on topic though, how long are multi dose vials good for? My next cycle best case scenario wouldn’t be for about another 4-6 months. Are the esters still good and contaminate free at that point?

As I understood, youre on a regular cycle, not blasting / crusing?

The others who replied to you are more knowledgeable about this, but as I understand it, the TRT guys (myself included) who blast dont have as much of a “problem” becasue we dont need to do PCT time after a cycle.

As I understand It boils down to wants vs. necessity;

  • I blast, I wanted to continue blasting, but really it wouldn’t have screwed me around too much either way because I didn’t need to PCT.
  • If you cycle, you’ll need to consider time on/time off + PCT. It will be a necessity to come off at a reasonable point.

At that point, my experience fizzles out and all I can offer is social and emotional support. I really just responded because you’re from Ontario… :smiley:

Good question… anyone?

buy gofit resistance tubes. You can do a lot with those. They got me through over the summer.

You can do handstands against a wall for pressing movements. With the weight vest and holding some plates you can do squats into presses. If you drop into the squat and spring up it will tax you more. You can get pretty creative with what you have.

I really appreciate all the input. I ordered two sets of the resistance bands and welded clips onto the ends of a steel tube last night so I can use it as a bench/deads/squat bar.

Was feeling pretty down at first about the gym but with a little motivation I’m feeling pretty good about being able to push through.

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Look on facebook marketplace. There is a ton of equipment for sale. When we shut down in Buffalo I built a complete gym from there.