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Lockdown Dumbbell Routine?

Whats up! UK’s just started another strict lockdown, my gyms closed up for 3 weeks at least. I can see it being a bit longer though!

Anyone recommend 3 / 4 days a week dumbbell routine ?

I don’t have a bench, but I have 55kg of plates and good dumbbell bars.

Cheers !

Saw this a bit back, looks like a decent program written by a strong guy. If you want to up the pace and get a good conditioning aspect, you can do sets of pushups, burpees, or just Ab stuff like leg raises or v crunches between your sets.

If you want a bench and have a couple bucks and a couple tools, you can build this bench:

I built it a while back and instead of the vinyl and foam I just used two mats from Lowe’s, the puzzle-style kind that interlock.

But, coolers, tables, etc. are a good, easy way to have a bench around. Besides that though, you don’t need a bench at all, so enjoy!