locations for gettin' down

Alright, what are some of the most interesting and exciting places any of you have gotten down. My girlfriend and me got funky at my parents house this past weekend and it was very exciting. This may not seem very exciting to the any of you, but my mother is still determined to keep me an extremely moral person, ya that’ll happen. So share with the good people in the forum.

Storage shed in a public storage facility. Back of my mini-van in a work parking lot, no coverings on the windows. Driving on I-5 (hands only). In a park after dark, out in the open, in Seattle.

In a hammock at the top of a (literally) 100 foot high 70% grade hill. (We were very careful to stay on the left side, where a tip would have only meant some bruises!)

I got a idea: how about on the hood of a cop car?

Scenic viewpoint I-5, Portland. Base of the Blue Glacier, Olympic National Park, in a motel room next to another couple (they were asleep), In a creek next to a fairly crowded camping area (stealth blowjob), in the middle of a newly contructed covered horse riding arena (She was thanking me for installing an awesome metal halide lighting system), in the tack room of the barn (I dared her, she has guts). When I was single: blowjob in a bar in full view of 15 people, on a bed next to another couple that was also having sex (saving money on a hotel room), and oral sex on a lady on the edge of a stage, there were about 150 people there. The place was called Studio One in Angeles City Phillipines. I wonder if Mt. Pinotubo’s eruption took it down…

In my parent’s bed… With my parent’s sleeping off to the side.

I hereby nominate Sewerhooker to the exclusive Sick Bastards Club. Welcome aboard fellow perv!

at a boyscout meeting!

I don’t know, that sounds like something that should be reviewed very carefully by Ironbabe. We could be pushing the boundaries here. In the parent’s bed? With Mom & Dad present? (shudder) I’m not sure…

That would be the BUTT…

Well me and Jared fucked hard core on the Tony Little Gazelle Machine…boy it sure as hell beat sweating the oldies.

In the back of Rookie’s SUV!

Hey Drax, How about while I was driving a cop car? (oral only)

blowjob in back of a movie theater during “not another teen movie.” she didnt want to swallow so i finished on the back of the seat in front of me. i was laughing so hard i didnt even feel it!

No, not in the back of my SUV… the most recent would have to be in the elevator at the Hyatt Regency in Buffalo. (I’m sure thats nothing new, but it was exciting as hell for me.) Some other cool places were in the bleachers at my highschool and in the dug out. Oh yeah, on my gf’s desk in her office, and I once got head in the fitting room at Macys. (PS theye have signs that say the fitting rooms are under surveilance. I don’t know if that means there are cameras, bc I don’t think that’s legal, but if so, somebody got a show :slight_smile:

You from Arkansas or some shit boy. You momma and pappa in the bed wich you! What id da matta wit cha boy. You get dropped on your mellon as a pup. Daddy didn’t beat ya nough…

Does anyone have the CODEC to understand what knuckledragger said? All kidding aside KD, I’m impressed that you figured out how to post a message.

Gotta beej TODAY in fact in the dressing room of the Nordstrom Rack in boulder CO. People walkin round, talkin all around, was great. Of course it was also the womens only dressing room.

ok, It is my dream to fullfill all of these by the time i am dead.

  1. In a meat locker (like the one in Predator 2 with giant slabs of beef hanging from massive hooks for as far as the eye can see with a cieling like 80 feet high.)
  2. In a hot air balloon
  3. In one of those wheat fields TC is always raving about
  4. In the woods (preferably mostly evergreens) during a ridiculous thunderstorm.