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Location of Androgel Make a Difference?


I am using Androgel 1.62 4 pumps daily.
I notice with the gel I am beginning to get irritation at the tops of my shoulders (burning and itching).
When I apply it to my flanks I get a big spike to almost 1200 total T and the same dose to my shoulders only gives me only 600 total T
Could it be that its not absorbing on the tops of shoulders?

Also my E2 shot up to 95 when I put it on my flanks. My libido also decreased while my total T doubled!

If I were to switch to shots or pellets(which my doctor is pushing) would the E2 be more controlled?
I am afraid to take one of the E2 suppressing drugs, but I guess I will if I have to :frowning:


Elevated E2 levels will decrease your libido, absolutely. 90+ is a problem that needs to be remedied or else you will not see the results from therapy you are expecting.

The probable reason the shoulder area became less consistent is because the skin toughens. When I was on gel I experienced this. After a period of time, the skin on your shoulder area will become almost scaly, and the absorption rate will not be as consistent -- hence problems.

Why not switch to injectables?


Sorry to bump an older thread; but I use the same 1.62 4pmps per day.
On my shoulders I only get to 550-600. I switched to the tops of my feet and got to
1380. My heart rate pics up about an hour after the dose.
I use Ldex to control E2, but since the tops of your feet are virtually fat free you get
less armoitization from the site. The fatter you are at the site of application the more
E2 conversion you will have.


I have since given up on gels and am on pellets now. Much smoother with less E2 spikes. With gels it was a roller coaster for me