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I’ve reviewed a site that was posted here, showing how and where to apply injections. I see that some muscles include the Calf, Traps, Biceps, etc.

I’ve always been told to inject in the glutes and quads.

Does injecting in these muscles make that particular muscle grow any faster? If so, is their specific gear that should be used for specific growth problem areas like the Calf muscles?

no, site injections do not make the muscle grow faster. and ill tell you this…the first time you inject into your calves will most certainly be your last!

Funny post bro! I never hit my calves but was contemplating it recently since I take 6-8 injections a day and need to spread them out.

I was really skeptical about site injecting too, but i started doing my biceps both once a week on my last cycle and really liked it actually. They actually became my primary injection points and, well, they’re a lot bigger now than they were pre-cycle, but so is the rest of me i guess. There is a bit of a trick to spotting properly and you’ll hit veins a lot more often (always aspirate!). Make sure you use a brand new pin (not the one you drew up with, it’ll be dulled a bit and believe me it hurts more when its dulled). I was using 23g1" pins with 3cc cases no trouble, just go in slow and listen to what your body is telling you.

And i definetly agree, avoid the calves, they hurt like a bitch, at least in my experience. As for gear, i was using EQ for my spots. I used eq/sust in my bi’s once and i probably wouldnt do it again because i’m fairly sensitive to prop and it hurt to do anything with my arms for a day or two after. Some people recommend prop for spotting though because it causes some localized swelling which transtlates to size, albeit temporary. Others swear that spot injecting makes the muscle way bigger, so i dunno. Personally i think its probably just swelling.

I found spotinjections.com pretty helpful, you might have been there before though.

I have read that site-injections of Winstrol-V may have the desired effect.

Spotting with prop to temporarily increase muscle size?! I’ll think I’ll leave that to the masochists. 1cc in my thigh near crippled me. I heard vodka has a similar effect.

Done delts, triceps, glutes, ventro glutes (favourite thanks P22) and thighs. And was considering calves but maybe not now…
Anyone ever done forearms? What about the tibalis anterior?

Muslhed 6-8 a day huh? Whats your protocol look like?

C’mon Creed. I was joking man!

I’ve done delts, quads, glutes, tri’s, bi’s, traps and chest. I find that logically areas that you are on all day ex. quads, glutes, calves will be used the most = most pain. BTW I believe it was Cy who mentioned that blood levels of what ever gear injected reached a higher rate=better absorbtion when injected in areas that have more fat ie. your ass.

But its not actually all that improbable if you were splitting them up into 0.5cc insulin pins shots over a muscle. Even my 1cc prop shot I cut with 1cc oil and split that into 3-4 shots if I am hitting a small site.

good point

Just to clarify the ‘Doh’ was because I was being dense! I really did wonder if you were hitting 6-8 different sites a day!

muslhed, wtf are you taking 6-8 injections per day for?

He’s a regular poster on BlueLight as well :)!

Thought it was the size of the muscle used that gave best results, glutes suit that criteria too but the order of priority in this case would be glutes, quads, lats, pecs, delts, tris

im confused…whats blue light?

I was kiddin man.
I’m not sure what blue light is either.

Bluelight is a forum for people who do the “other kind of drugs”

(backing off the bong) I see.