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Location is everything

Hey guys, I was thinking that everyone who wanted to, could list what area of the world you’re in. Maybe some of us live close enough to talk or train together. I live in the Valley Ranch area of Irving, TX, home of the great (well, maybe not so great this year, but still my Boys!) Dallas Cowboys.

Fort Collins, CO. About 60 miles north of Denver and about 120 miles north of T-mag & Biotest :slight_smile: Home of Colorado State University!!

I’m in Tucson, AZ at the University of Arizona. I currently lift by myself at the student rec center. I’m trying to find some hardcore people like myself to train with. The percentage of people who know what they’re doing at my gym is less than 1.

I wonder if there’s anyone others from Norway on this forum?

Sunny South Africa!! Anyone else from SA read T-Mag? Cmon… I know you’re there :wink:

Im here from Huntington Beach, CA AKA SURF CITY USA! You guys are all missin out, this is the geatest place in the world! Every guy here is a gym rat/surfer boy and all the girls here are total hard bodies. I feel so sorry for all you guys who live anywhere else, i think ill just cry for you :wink:

I am from Zagreb,Croatia.

Anyone out there from La Crosse, WI?

Pittsburgh pennsylvania. Hole in the wall.Gotta work out at home can’t deal with the morons who always tell me I’m working some body part wrong.Esp.since they weigh at least 75 pounds less than I do and Look like a toothpick.

Hey Scott, I feel you man. I have to work out by myself because I get sick of answering questions while I am working out. I do not mind sitting down with someone to explain things, but not when I am trying to lift. That is my sacred time outside of church, ya know? I really hate having to answer questions after I have told people to come to this site and do their own homework. Anyone here in the Dallas/Ft Worth area?

I live in Kokomo, Indiana.

austin, tx

Hey Bob…I lived in the iron city for a while (while I did research at the University of Pittsburgh)…and was subjected to way too many IC lites and way too much Stillers talk! Are you familiar with Mark’s Macci’s gym, the Exercise Warehouse? Trained there for a while with some great guys. Old gym, nothin but pics of arnold and older on the wall, but a great place for no-nonsense training! Check it out man…if you do, I’ll even tell you who to go train with…Peace to the burgh.


Macon, GA represent

another pennsylvania boy here.
altoona, pa. about 2 hrs east of pittsburgh.

draz. are you familiar with branko cikatic or mirko filipovic?

Tallahassee, FL

Atlanta, GA.

Toronto,Ontario,Canada eh!!