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Location Ideas for 'Home'


 I mentioned this in the Threadkiller, however, I figure I may get more responses if this had its own thread.  I'm looking at separating from the military sooner than originally planned, so I am seeking ideas for places I may be able to call "home" for at least 4-5 years.

 For additional info, I'm looking at certifying as a PT by the end of summer, will have my choice of college that I want to attend thanks to the GI Bill, and will probably double-major in Kinesiology and Social Work.  
 I have no family of my own, so I'll be starting life from scratch, basically.  Most of my family is on the East Coast, however, that plays little in my decision-making process.  Think of this as a clean slate.  I'm not bound by any restrictions, either, meaning that I can go continental US or abroad.  

 Hope to get some decent responses.  BS will be overlooked/ignored.  Thanks.


Hi Beast.
What are you looking for in a new "home"?
What is the most important? Is an education the most important or PT work or cost of living?
Do you like cities or small towns?
Yeah starting over, very exciting. :slightly_smiling:


go to irland my friend. Lots of beer and funny people. On a serious note, I would suggest you Newcastle in England.


Australia mate.
tweet tweet


Beast some place without flooding, hurricanes, tornadoes, no state income tax and 4 seasons of weather.


is this place called OZ and the PR people are 38" tall?

check out North Carolina. great schools like UNC(with satellite campuses in Ashville for example), Duke, NC St. http://www.univsource.com/nc.htm
good fishing(salt and fresh), camping, hiking, mtn. biking, rock climbing, skiing. drive from the coast to the mtns in a few hrs. all types of music, pro and college sports and rassaling.
live in a big city, a small town, or a cabin in the woods. it's a great place to decompress. good gyms and meets like "Battle on the Border" http://www.carolinastrength.org/

good luck and welcome back.


I was going to say about the same thing to DJ...vague is not helpful. Seems you are amongst many to recommend NC. My FB page is blowing up with a lot of NC votes. I guess it's worth looking into further. Especially if there's places for me to disappear or fight. Thanks.


I'm in the same boat, brother. Terminal leave will start 14Jul11 instead of 1Aug21 as planned. I'm gonna PM you some information.


much appreciated.


Sorry guys was on the way this morning to church, when I get done traveling down to Corpus and settled into the hotel I will "share" more.

Silver I thought you should have gone with "Silvertown" out of Joe Dirt. :stuck_out_tongue:


Texas my friend, just dont bring any liberal policies with you.


this is an area that might interest you http://www.researchtriangle.org/ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Research_Triangle
if you want to disappear for a while you might want to hike the Applachian Trail 2000+ miles http://www.appalachiantrail.org/home


i've never seen the movie


If you wanted to come to Canada, I thought Vancouver was a great city when I came starting from scratch because it was loaded with all sorts of music, art and culture and even more outdoor recreation and sports and loads of interesting people who were all coming from somewhere else. I don't live in Vancouver anymore but it was a step from there to here.


I was thinking about this too. I graduate in December and im trying to look for a job in Portland.


Another reason why Portland might be an ideal home.


The DC metro area has many good schools and lots to do (45 min drive from both Baltimore and Annapolis). The cost of living is kinda high (but there are rents available for every income range), and there are LOTS of very wealthy people, many of whom will want a personal trainer and have no problem paying for it. DC is one of the few places in the country that is fairly insulated from the recession (when you compare it to many places in the country).


Everywhere the Beast goes is his home. :slight_smile:


It's a benefit to being in the military. Most of u can go damned near anywhere on Earth and have at least a couch to crash on.


I think I would choose Canada if I had a chance to change my life.

or Maui.