Locating Grips

Hey all, Ive had this pair of Meeko Grippers since 1995. I absolutely love them. They are like regular wrist wrap material plus a metal hook covered in a blue rubber polymer. You obviously wrap the hook around the bar and the canvas around your wrist. They have done alot for my back training so that I can focus on the back and not worry about grip. The problem is that they just saw their last day this week. They’ve been with me for 6 years and Id like another pair! Does anyone know where I might get another pair. Heck, even if a local store has one, Id be willing to pay you personally in exchange for a pair. Ive seen some grippers out there but they suck because they are set up to grip only one way…so that your hand and the hook have to grip the bar in the same direction. The Meekos were awesome cause you could wrap in the opposite direction as your hand. Any ideas where I could score a pair? Thanks!

John, Sheick(no, not the prophalactic) brand of weightlifting accessories, make them. I saw them next to the straps at the powerhouse i go to. i think the site is: shieck.com.-The Starkdog

Sorry, I mean Schiek, not Shieck. Go to schiek.com -The Starkdog