Localizing Agents

Does anyone know which AAS are localizing agents. I know tren is one of them but wasn’t sure what other AAS are?? Any information regarding this would help a lot. Thanks in advance.

What I mean by this is that some drugs like test, deca, and others will spread throughout the body evenly no matter where you inject them. Other drugs like tren is a localizing agent. It will spread but which ever site you want to grow the most you should inject there. I wasn’t sure if anyone knew the list of AAS which were localizing agents.

I thought the whole spot-growth from injection mess was a myth. Doesn’t all this stuff- tren included- hit all skeletal muscle pretty much evenly? If not, I am going to have a donkey like Cherokee D’Ass at this rate.

Didn’t burst my bubble at all. I appreciate the information and the explanation on why. I have just heard different people call tren a localizing agent but wasn’t sure if it were true or what other AAS are. Thats really good information to know, esp. since I just got done my cycle and starting up my next and personally HATE hitting my triceps lol. Once again thank you.