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Localized Injection For Growth

I saw a video a while ago about a bodybuilder that was injecting test p into his triceps for growth due to inflammation, and another one that swears up and down by adding 1/2-1" to his bicep by doing the same.

The long head of my tricep wants to be stubborn no matter how I hit it and the nurses were scared to inject there (already got it in my thigh), and the doctor laughed saying it doesn’t quite work that way but is willing to try.

Has anybody done localized injections to swell the area up proceeded by working that area out for more, for better it worse terms, damage, for growth stimulation?

What’s your view on it? Bunk? Should I just give it a go as an experiment?

Probably bunk. The theory is that the slight swelling from prop or primo, will also stretch the fascia, allowing more room for new muscle to fill. It might stretch the tape measure a bit more but the gains are only going to be temporary fluid gains from the swelling.
Very doubtful, but with some of the cycles, frequency and amounts that guys are injecting these days, having as many sites available for rotation is a good idea. Do your research about how to properly inject in unusual places to avoid hitting nerves or blood vessels.


scar tissue and temporary swelling do not equate to muscle growth. This is dumb. Your doctor was right to laugh. Consider the possibility that, if the bodybuilder you’re referring to is going to the lengths of actually pinning a particular muscle to grow it, he’s probably also prioritizing it heavily in his workouts. The latter is what’s effective, not the former.

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It didn’t go into his routine, but he’d pin test prop and then work that muscle heavily, but I’d assume so.

If I can’t get the long head to grow, is scar tissue that dumb, though?


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Focus on the long head and it will grow. Simple science… spend some good quality time on it. Or just inject vegetable oil like 2cc/day… that’ll make it look big…

I strongly doubt there’s actually a problem with your ‘long head development’ in the first place. More than likely, the whole triceps muscle group needs to grow, and you’re looking at it with a bit of body dysmorphia. Unless you’re already at a high competitive level, triceps proportions are not something to be concerned with.

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