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Local Test Fest Seat!!!!!


Hey guys one of the fello T-men (Buddah Boy) cant make it and is offering up his seat. Id like to see him get SOMETHING for it.

Let start the offers. Help a brotha out here is his message.

So I say lets start it at 2 Orange Metabolic Drive and go from there.. This has to happen fast By late tonight or early tomorrow I suppose.




This is like an auction format, right?


starting bid Above


OK...I see you 2 Orange Meatbolic Drive and I raise you a Metabolic Drive Bar...as I want a spare seat next to me to put all my goodies (power rack, tubs of Metabolic Drive, Spike, books, dvd's etc) on...or to put my feet up on...shit...I might just want a bit of room to stretch out.


Dude, get on top of things! I nodded, that means I'm bidding at the starting bid. Gosh!


Ok, three tubs of Metabolic Drive, and TWO bars.

And Will, are you really going to fly from Ireland by Saturday? At least I live in the DC area!


LOL actually Will is here in DC and bought a seat he's is the furthest traveled and largest mouth/poster award winner. LOL.


Auction OVER!!!!!! I had a very top notch local T-Man PM me and has got payed for the seat in full getting BuddhaBoy his money back etc.

Thanks all,


Well. That sucks.

(for me, not for BuddhaBoy... congrats to him!)