Local Phoenix, AZ Contest

I know there are several Phoenix guys on this board so I wanted to let you know that tomorrow and Sunday from 11-4 there is a strongman contest being put on at Fitness 1 on Union Hills and 35th Ave.

It’s a small contest, non-NAS sanctioned. I’ll be there for a few hours, may do a few events but have to take off early tomorrow. Come see the fun.

any results???


Lee Horton who trains with the AZ crew at my house took 1st place in the LW’s (under 180).

I decided to compete on very short notice and with no training for the last 2 months and took 1st place in the HW’s (210 to 240 lbs.).

My friend Don Kravoletz, who started out with the AZ crew, took 1st place in the SHW’s (over 240 lbs.)

It was a fun contest, pretty well organized, and I let them use some of my equipment and gave the 2 guys running it some pointers. I might help them to promote an even bigger show there in the future, hopefully making it NAS sanctioned, and again donating entry fees to charity.

I am talking with big Don about promoting an awesome contest this fall, possibly November.

Thats what I heard from Josh Henkin,if you want to start a commitment list put me on it… Wow great weekend for Don…!!! I competed a the WABDL meet, he won his division Bench on Sat… I think like 600 plus

any updates on a strongman show here in AZ??