Local Outrage

If anybody’s interested I’m putting together a social network site on one of the public outfits where people can exchange issues and advice concerning clashes with their local government. I have absolutely had it with mine.

It’s not practical for me to host it myself (for now) for a bunch of technical reasons I don’t have the money to deal with.

It’s no secret where I stand, but it will be non partisan and pretty much non ideological. I AM NOT doing it from a staunchly conservative viewpoint. Anybody can be screwed by their locals regardless of politics or party affiliation. Local governments can be just as oppressive, unreasonable and destructive when gone out of control as can state and federal governments.

I can’t predict how much action it will see, but I’d really love for it to get big enough to where local officials will care if they are mentioned there. Any suggestions are welcome or you can ignore it entirely or tell me I’m a crackpot. At this point I don’t care anymore and have nothing to lose.

It will be under construction for a while still, but everything works.