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Local or Abroad?


So I'm shopping for unrelated items on a huge Asian website for wholesalers only, I mean you can order anything on this site, including medical stuff. So, all of the sudden it hits me, I wonder if they make gear? I do a few searches and sure enough a couple items pop up. Tren E shows up under the category of kids> toys> chalk. It was buried in a bizarre place on their website; very weird. So I clicked on "contact manufacturer" and emailed them. I got an email response from somebody else (according to Outlook the email "originated from a different source"). They told me they had loads of this stuff ready for shipment inside the US via UPS or FedEx and would quote me a price based on the quantity I request.

I looked up the host of the Asia website and turns out it is not abroad, but located in California. So basically, we have a US wholesaler who referred me to a US retailer of a controlled substance. I'm not sure if this is a good thing or not.

What are your thoughts? Buy from a US based source, or continue to shop abroad?


Only buy from reputable sources.

There’s a good chance they will just take your money, or send you bunk shit. Youre better off finding a source that has positive reviews.


And it’s not one or the other, you can find domestic UGL’s out there if you look. You dont HAVE to buy from an international source.