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Local News Lies About Protest




Yesterday I attended a protest against the slaughtering of Palestinian civilians by the Israeli army. It wasn't that big, people filled the street for about 6 blocks in Times square. I would say there were about 2000 people, maybe a bit more or less. The majority were actually women, with a decent amount of kids involved aswell. I even saw about a hundred Jews come out in support of the palestinian people.

I grew up thinking that the news reported truth. I later learned that there are news sources with a bias to boost their ratings, like FOX and MSNBC on opposite sides.

I never thought that prejudice was spread into the basic reporting of facts in local news though, and the amazing part is, that every news source I can find is reporting the same thing, and all are lying.

From seeing multiple news papers today, and television news shows last night, one would get the idea that there is strong support for Israel in the streets of this city, and almost none for Palestine. Not much could be further from the truth.

The two links above, and the NY post, both have the same numbers, and the Metro, a free paper found around the city, says a few dozen people attended a pro-palestine rally and about 10,000 attended a pro-israel rally.

Now I have no idea how many attended the other rally, according to one of the links above the crowd filled a city block, which can be pretty big, but if one block is about 10,000 people then how does 6 blocks equate to "a few dozen"?

I'm really sickened by this, if as Israeli's claim, and as my Mayor, and Congress claim, Israel is in the right here. (as always) Why is there a need for the media to blatantly lie? Why not just report the truth, it's not like reporting the correct number of people protesting is going the change the minds of people who just don't give a fuck that a first world country bombs U.N schools in an area where most people can't find food or shelter, or that an army can be so inept it kills more civilians than terrorists.

It would be great if there is someone else here who was at either of these protests, so it doesn't look like I'm just making shit up, because I know before yesterday I would definitely believe every news source in my city as opposed to one person.


So, which pill is it going to be?


They are probably similar, because they are both from the AP, not fox or nbc.

I stopped believing the news long ago.


Did you forget to mention Hamas using schools as bases, or one can say human shields?


That isn't the point of the topic, but ok. Even Israel can't get its facts straight on that, claiming first that they meant to bomb the school because Hammas was shooting rockets from it, then saying there were no rockets and the bombing was a mistake.


If I had time, I could probably point all the massive pro-Palestinan bias the media has. In fact, I probably have in other threads.

But in the present case, where is your evidence that the numbers are wrong? Less people can be spread throughout six blocks than a densely-packed sardine group in one block.


And your claims are based on these news stations correct.


I used to be a so-called producer (actually engineer would the the more correct term in my opinion) for a small-time radio network. When working the night-shift one of the tasks was recording the news feeds that would be used later in the day.

The interesting thing and the relevance is that later on in the day when watching local TV news I'd see the same odd little stories (there are always odd little stories each day along with the major ones) told the same way, even with the same jokes.

Local news largely obtains their content from an extremely limited collection of national sources. They just re-present it as if it were their own choice of stories and their own jokes filling out the story, etc, but usually that is not the case.


That is not presenting news, that is playing a news presenter on tv.


Like I said, I'm not sure how many people attended the Pro-Israel rally. Also I didn't count every person I saw coming out in support of palestine, but I can make a decent estimate comparing it to groups of people I have seen that I did know the size of, cafeterias, lectures, normal classes. Each of the 6 blocks was pretty densely packed, there was no way in hell there were 150 people, 10x that would be an estimate on the low side.


You also forgot to mention how many times Israel has agreed to a cease fire only to have the Palestinians lob more rockets into the schools, hospitals, and market places of Israel. Of course it is understandable, because Hamas is not a competently trained military organization, right? They are just a terrorist organization, lobbing rockets. I guess it would be comparable to one of our street gangs throwing rockets into L.A. Wait, it's not that they are thugs, they are just misunderstood right?


You illustrate perfectly the brainwashing and lies the OP's referring to.

There are other political factions besides Hamas who recognized Israel. What good did this do to the Palestinians? More Zionist settlements, more check-points and walls.

Only an idiot would suggest that the status quo isn't in favor of Israel. And only an idiot would think that the Palestinians are happy with the current state of affairs. To say otherwise is propaganda.

Why do you think Israel banned foreign journalists from entering Gaza? This is an information and PR war. The differences in military might are so disproportionate that it can't possibly be anything else.

Over 1000 Palestinians died violently in Gaza. That would translate to 200,000 Americans.


Nice job throwing out numbers, and attempting to justify Palestinian aggression.

If a gang from L.A. decided to take on the U.S. Military, don't you think the military might would be disproportionate? When you are an idiot and decide to bring a knife to a gun fight, you should get your butt handed to you. Don't throw rocks at some one sitting in the driver's seat of an M-1 Abrams.

Foreign Journalist were banned because they don't belong in a War Zone. They can't get the news straight anyway.

It would be an easy fix to keep Palestinians and Israelis from dyeing, Hamas should just give up.


More Arab whining, kind of like this thread.


Would the US army decide to flatten L.A. you think?


I think you might be able to answer that one on your own. If you need a link chart and diagrams, I may be able to help you out.