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Local Injections + Growth


i have read that some compound like testo prop. can be used to increase hypertrofy of smaller muscle with "local" IM

i mean, if i have to train my pec, i pin my pec... (sorry for the bad english.. hope to be undeestandable...)

is it true? ot is just "urban legend"?


I dont know for sure mate but I think its bullshit, I have heard same for winstrol


in the early days of my "research" i had found a articles on that topic. i'm unable to find it again .. and on "main" boards there are no intresting material on that topic...


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ANything that is attached to an ester has to be broken down before it can be used by the body. The chemical has to be systemic, then be distributed to the cells.

SO no - test prop will not contribute to site growth beyond temporary swelling post injection.

At least that's my understanding.


thanks... i have no thought of that, the ester presence has to be removed and this can't be done in muscle


IGF-1 should do the trick... the only problem is the "time factor"... it's not easy to do IM just after workouts...


so test suspension or eq without an ester might?