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Local Elections


Just got back from voting.

This is a hot election in the little state of Maine. Most likely to get the first Republican (a Tea Party Republican) governor in a generation in a largely independent but Dem leaning state. The opposing "D" is a 40 year establishment Dem who is president of the state senate and an "Independent" who was a Carter admin exec and Dem lobbyist. They are splitting the "left" vote, but in total still not beating the "R".

The first district (where Portland, the largest "city" in Maine) is a dead heat. Mind you that the 1st District is a little San Franciso, so that is a story in it self. The D incumbent up in the 2nd District (ie. the forest) will likely win re-election (he has huge involvement in the union).

The big hit to the "D" incumbant was that she was extremely vocal about elected officials using 'private jets' and wall street all the while jet setting with a billionaire wall street financier who owns a private jet (and jets Barney Frank around). Voters were not amused.

What are the important races in your local area?


They are all important. I say that because we are generally fucked in CA with all the Jerry Brown, Barbara Boxer, welfare illegal and union voters. All I can do is hope in this state. My local Congressman, Mcklintock (R) should be another show in. My District is 70% R.


How is Barbara "Please-call-me-Senator" Boxer doing?



We have some big races here in Colorado also.

The race for governor was a cluster fuck for the republicans, so the person that will win is Hickenlooper more than likely (former Denver Mayor).

For the senate it was between an appointed incumbent (Bennet) and the tea party challenger Buck. This one's a toss up because both make everybody feel slimy.

On top of that add on various amendments that haven't passed before that keep making their way onto the ballots and all in all a fun day!


She will probably win. When you have 12% of the US population in CA, but 25% of the US welfare payouts in Ca, you always end up with a steaming pile of BROWN shit and and washed up BOXER on drugs.


I was wondering the same thing...anyone know of any good sites to get up-to-date, local results from? I checked the local newspapers and all they have up are information articles to help people make a choice, no results yet..and I don't know which races they'll actually bother posting and I want to see the whole ballot haha


There is far less early reporting on results, exit polls etc. We have 7 hrs left to vote.

The reason you can't find it is the bcause of the "Government Media Complex" which is alive today. MSM is a watchdog for the Government Party in power now, to produce propaganda in favor of the left agenda..... rather than the watchdog of Gov for the citizen. It is buried for now.

They need to make sure the valid ballot counts are in, and then that tells them how many dead people and illegal votes they need.......then they will report. Many races will go down like the Franken seat did.


Anyone else hear about this?


Wa is voting on whether to add a state income tax to the already high 9.8% sales tax. Wa is also voting whether to end the state monopoly on booze sales.


Does that not show what our elected officials think about our military, which is highly conservative by the way on the vote?


So damn funny to watch Pelosi say with a straight face she was confident the Dems would retain the house.


So it looks like we're taking the house...if only we could get the senate too...

now, step two...actually make improvements...we got two years. Hopefully these guys can get some stuff passed/repealed and make some serious, noticeable changes...sure, Obama will try to take credit for it..but we'll see...........

On another note...I like seeing the numbers come in, but I hate these 'Projected Winners'. They give the victory to somebody that's up by less than 20% and only 39% of the state is in.....really? Shit can't change?


Cantor got 59 % in my district while Bayne got 6.5 %. Should have stayed home, but I'm not surprised. This was my first time to vote, and I think it will be my last. I'd rather be a spectator than participate in politics.


Okay...I really don't get this....according to the Associated Press, Boxer has won....only 13% of the precincts have reported in and its 48% vs 46%....that is just irresponsible in my opinion. How can you make that claim with those numbers?



Election Statistics, Predictions and Polls have literally become a technology driven Science... and it's been proven to be fairly accurate.

Most of the predictions come from number crunching the exit polls.



Yeah, fairly accurate, but not flawless. Earlier on the news they were giving Obama's old senate seat to the dem...last thing I saw, only a few minutes ago, they were saying the republican had pulled ahead. I just feel it's something that shouldn't be done, especially with a only 2% lead.

And who the hell are they polling? I've never been polled. Exit polled or phone polled. Everyone I know says the same thing. Unless you poll everyone who votes, or at least some people from all precincts, it can't be accurate in my opinion..I'm also someone who is very distrusting of statistics ha


And here's what I'm talking about. The local news I'm watching is still saying that she's won it. They're talking about how shes going to give her acceptance speech soon...they're still saying 13% in...

At the time that I write this, http://vote.sos.ca.gov/ has 18.7% in and according to the governments own website, Fiorina has pulled ahead by 2.2 percent.


Just the messenger, benos...

I have NO expertise in Election Polling and Statistics.



Oh, I'm not attacking you. Sorry if it sounded like that. This media is just pissing me off. Calling shit with less than a quarter of the votes in..


It's all good, B!

I honestly don't completely understand the process myself!