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Local Egg v. Omega3 Egg


OK, so I know a lot of people get hung up on mass produced vs. organic vs. local vs. grassfed .

I always like to support local growers/suppliers when I can. When I can get local beef, I do. Otherwise, the grocery store cornfed beef is fine-- in otherwords, it's not stopping my lifting/physical progress.

Ditto eggs. However, a friend gave us some eggs from her chickens who live in a small pen and get bagged chicken food, scraps, and get to eat the bugs and grubs. By the way "free range chicken" doesn't mean acres of open fields for a chicken. They tend to group in small areas. A small pen is plenty for a few chickens to roam around in.

Anyway, here are 2 eggs-- local and "Eggland's Best Omega-3 X-Large", supposedly "the" go to egg for people who lose sleep over Omega 3 and nutrition content in their eggs.

The little tiny egg is our friend's chicken's egg.

In hand, the little egg is heftier (denser) than the larger egg. Weighs more and isn't as liquidy to the shake.

Edit: This pic is actually local v regular XL egg. The "omega3" egg is white, but same size as big egg. The pic below is the important one :wink:


In the pan, there's quite a bit of difference, too.

The little sucker is quite a bit darker. Denser yolk, less white. To my taste it was 'sweeter'. I don't know how to convey the taste differnt in the post. Nuttier maybe. (I cooked them over easy to taste the yolks).

I did the same test with the "Omega 3" eggs to "regular eggs" and frankly they looked and tasted the same.

Point is, if you really worry about this shit, save your money and just buy regular jumbo eggs vs the "omega" eggs that get promoted, you'll at least get the extra protein.

They're not worth the extra money IMO for the small amount of Omega 3 you get with the eggs. Take a fish oil supplement and the cost works out in the long run.

If you really want a difference, buy from a local farmer. Some even give eggs away, no shit. Cheaper and very noticeable difference.

Don't fall prey to the marketing and bro science.


I always find the free range local eggs taste the best and then all the omega 3 stuff comes second with the cheap regular eggs having the least taste.


I don't really care about the omega-3 portion of it, I get enough of that anyways. But I tend to get nauseous when I eat more than 4 eggs (store-bought), so I'm guessing that I have a slight allergen to it. I'm betting that problem won't happen on the local-grown eggs, but I can't say for sure until I try them out. I'll buy some this week.

wtf does vegetarian-fed eggs mean anyways?


Probably means the chicken feed the chickens get don't have any chicken by-product (or other animal) in it.

Personally, I think when chickens can eat bugs and grubs like they naturally would, they get the real protein they need to produce kick ass eggs.


Your first two posts say it all.

I don't think that eating organic and grass-fed-type stuff is going to make someone magically turn into a Mr. O, but my experience with using both varieties of food has left me with the impression that you DEFINITELY get what you pay for.

Like you, Steely, I've had a few eggs from one of my mom's friends who has chickens., The difference is incredible.

When someone has the income available to eat optimally, I don't see why they shouldn't. Myself and several pretty experienced bodybuilders have had great success with switching to an MDD-approach. You get to eat less with more benefit both physiologically and nutritionally.

This would definitely be my number #1 contribution right now to the "Things I Can't Prove, but Believe" thread.


I try to buy all condensed products as local and organic if possible. One example would be honey as I try to eat extra honey during allergy season and it seems to help if only in my head. I started doing this after reading that only local honey has the pollens in it that are effecting you.


There's truth to the local honey. Mom has been doing it for years and so have a few family friends, all with the same benefits.

Reduced sinus infections, allergies etc.

If you live in a big city i can't really say how much it would help, but out here in the country it does.


I had some friends that were giving away free eggs from their chickens this past year. I of course said yes, not for health reasons, but just because I wanted free eggs.

When I cracked the first one open, my girlfriend and I were honestly confused since the yolk wasn't the typical yellow color, but more orange like in your picture.
They definitely tasted way better too, as you mentioned.

I haven't tried buying them from the store at all, cause of the price, but I was definitely leaning towards what you came up with anyway that the Omega-3 Eggs were just marketing.

Thanks for the info...


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So the friend who has chickens is able to supply me with 2 dozen eggs every Friday. She was going to give them to us for free, but we give her 5 bucks for them-- $2.50 for a dozen. A little more than mass produced, about on par with "premium", and about 50cents to a dollar cheaper than "Big Organic" Omega 3 eggs (Eggland, etc).

Holding a dozen of these little eggs feels like I'm holding a bar of lead in my hand. SO dense.


I am doing Keto right now and eatting 10 eggs a day. The ones I get from the farm are AMAZING if you put them next to the store ones. No real comparison...also they are better for you in the long term. When eating eggs like we do I would go with the healther ones. Want more Omega-3 take some caps!!


Sad day.

I will temporarily have to find another source for my local eggs.

My friend's chickens got taken out by a fox. Apparently it wasn't pretty. Their kids were visibly upset as they were telling the story.

Will have to go to another farm close by. The good news is that the farm is in the process of getting certified to sell raw organic milk, too.

I'll be experimenting with raw milk added to the diet when that happens.


There is definitely a huge difference between local and your typical store bought eggs, especially the cheap kind. While I don't regularly eat eggs in England (they're surprisingly expensive), I've had them a couple of times and the cheap store-brand ones tasted absolutely awful and the color of the yolk was off.

By comparison, whenever I visit the Polish lake district with my family I eat as many eggs as the chickens can make (while still leaving some for the other guests). I can never get enough!



Thanks for the pics. Never thought to do that for comparison.

We bought omega-3 eggs for years, but have since switched to a local organic market.

Omega-3 eggs are more expensive than regular eggs, but local organic ones are even pricier at $3.79 for a dozen, but it is what it is.

I've been feeding our dogs lots of eggs lately, so sadly on top of the cost of their raw food they ain't gettin local organic eggs, lol


The problem with being "certified free range" means they only need access to the outdoors whether or not they use it or in some cases even know how to get to it. Its kinda like the term natural on foods which is a more known bastardization. The more orange the egg yolk the higher the mineral content. Hell, I've even gotten a red yolk every few years from my aunts farm. Your paying way to much for those eggs though. I pay 89 cents a dozen and although shes family, I've been told many times it is extremely cheap and easy to stay in business with chickens. If you getting them from a actual farm you go to you should let the rooster make them fertile before you get them. They are even higher in nutritious content then


Not sure if you addressed that to me about paying too much.

These aren't eggs that are sold. It's just a residence with acreage and they do a lot of their own farming. The chickens are more like pets that have run of the yard.

They are customers of my wife and offered 2 dozen per week for free. We just give them 5 bucks for their trouble (and recycle the plastic cartons). They support our business we support them.


"Omega 3 eggs" is a scam, because omega 3 FA's are VERY unstable; they are easily destroyed by heat. Unless you're eating the eggs raw, although there may be omega 3s in the eggs when you buy them, there prob are none by the time you get done cooking.

Cage-free veg fed is important. They cut off the beaks and sometimes the feet when caged because the chickens peck and scratch themselves and each other to death. cf/vf makes better eggs too. Organic is even better, but the $ increases faster than the quality does.

The second pic is the best - yolk should be ORANGE not yellow.


I think I'm going to spend a little more time in the local farmer's market when it comes around for protein.


guess we shouldn't eat salmon then huh, omega-3 eggs are not a scam. JB recommends omega-3 eggs, I'll take his word over yours