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Local Boy at North Americans


i occasional get to train with brad. im glad to see him finally grab that elusive card he's been searching for.



He looks impressive in that pic but i kind of doubt he isnt natty brah


Bboy with a win. Fortunate for you to get to train with him. I'm sure he'll help you make awesome improvements towards your goals with his experience.

Did he ever tell you what Cutler told him regarding HGH? Its a pretty popular comment on another forum.


Well, this one took one post...


Brad Davis is a beast. He's doing my buddy's prep for the Ohio in a week. Super knowledgable guy, seems very down to earth too from what I've been told. Glad he finally got his pro card, his back is insane.


i train with him very rarely... if we happen to hit the gym at the same time and i can fit my workouts around his i try to... its always nice to workout with a beast.


who's your friend he's helping?


gtfo of here...


He told him to take as much as you can afford :slightly_smiling:


Quasi got any more details about that information?


Wow, I hadn't heard of Brad before, but that pic really shows a dense thick physique. Love the feathering in his lower quads. Big congrats on stepping it up to the big leagues.

TY- any cool advice, or stories he's shared with you that you could tell us about?



Really thick and dense physique.



hes got a long ass thread on another forum that details exactly what he believes in pretty much everything bodybuilding. If you google "BBoy some thoughts" you should be able to find it.

He says in that thread what Jay told him about GH I'm not just pulling that out of my ass lol


That thread is a goldmine. Holy shit thanks.


Waylander saw him at the recent show he competed in as well - said he seemed like a cool dude and was pretty low-key.

And, yes, the above mentioned thread is awesome. Hope this guy does well.


And with that you just fed dangerous information to those who won't handle it well... oh well.

Yes BBoy has been at it a long time and had a lot of backing / support on the other forum.

In before that forum gets 20 new trolls that get their asses kicked for being stupid.


doing legs with him is straight painful... volume, volume, volume, volume.

i watch him crank some big weight every now and then but main thing for him i notice is joint health, volume, and pump.


he's pretty low key until you get to know him, lol... he used to remind me i was pushing pussy weight until i started making big changes over the past year. He's a good dude though. good to have someone you can talk diet and training with thats been doing it for a loooong time. smart guy with a lot of experiences.