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Local Artists (Favorites Who are Underrated)


thought we had a bunch a music threads and i thought we should have one on people we know locally who should be more recognized for their talents. As i have been getting into electronic music alot lately, id thought id share my floormates mixes/orignal songs, as they get me going for workouts and all around good times, everyone share their local favorites!
Dj Rome - top mix: foreshadowing fame

top original mix (completely from scratch!): rain

and the genreral page: http://soundcloud.com/djrome/spotlight

Share and enjoy!


That first one is actually pretty good. I have really gotten into electro house as well, and I must say, that is a great mix.


You're music sounds like shit. Why the fuck anyone would listen to something that sounds like a CD player skipping is beyond me.


So you don't like the music. Congratulations? Seriously, what is your problem. Not everyone's music preferences are the same, but you feel the need to bash them. Well, you sure are a fine example of how to conduct oneself. Now there are certain songs that you can certainly dislike and explain why they are bad, but to say an entire genre is terrible because it isn't your first choice of music is completely stupid.

So, I guess my theme is shut the fuck up.


went to high school with the vocalist, video was filmed in the local market town. they played the indigo lounge at the O2 a couple of days ago.


shitty quality but some local thrash:


Blackland- a local southern rock band opened for skynyrd when they played in muscle shoals in 06.

Satans Youth Ministers

Drive by Truckers- probably the most famous band from Muscle Shoals, Al.


Im also an Electronic Dj but find it a little hard to deal with both workouts and gigs, sometimes after party gigs, have to skip workouts and meals plus not enough sleep as I also have a day job and studies, not to mention when I have to sit down infront of a computer to produce/prepare my sets. How do you manage to deal with it? Not that I am that big, Standing at 6'3 and 220ish pounds, but I am for sure the Techno DJ with the best shape that I know, and would not like to end up like my fellow Djs with a pot belly and looking 10 years older than what they really are. Good Sounds on Soundcloud, Cheers from the Caribbean.


local rockabilly band, The Twisting Tarantulas.


im not actually dj, thats just one of my dormmates, but id reckon if you just smoked bud and cut drinking (if u do drink) during the gigs and youll probably sleep and recover from lack of food much easier. Im just speculating from college party being ismilar to being at a gig